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The company is a diversified FMCG and FMHG focused company, with strategically located manufacturing facilities and well recognised brands having pan India presence. It is one of the largest FMCG companies in the Indian edible oil sector and one of the largest fully integrated edible oil refining companies in India. Being the pioneers and largest manufacturers of soya foods has aided its brand ‘Nutrela’ in becoming a household and generic name in India. It is across the entire value chain in palm and soya segment, with a healthy mix of upstream and downstream business.

The company has been allocated zones, to undertake palm plantation, by the Government, which assists it in backward integration of sourcing palm oil. Ruchi Soya is the largest player in terms of allocated zones. Its integration also extends downstream to the oleochemicals and other by-product and derivatives business. It is pioneers in soya chunks which are associated with nutrition and good health. Leveraging upon the brand ‘Nutrela’, it has launched a range of premium edible oils and blended edible oils and ‘Nutrela High Protein Chakki Atta’ and ‘Nutrela Honey’ in Fiscal 2021. Further, it has expanded its packaged food portfolio by acquiring the ‘Patanjali’ product portfolio of biscuits, cookies, rusks, noodles, and breakfast cereals. In Fiscal 2022, it forayed into a niche and a high growth FMHG segment with the launch of its Nutraceutical business. It is also into the wind power generation business, where the renewable power generated is used for sale and for captive use. This also helps it to offset its carbon footprint, to the extent possible.

The company is a part of the Patanjali group, one of India’s leading FMCG and health and wellness company. Their portfolio includes health and ayurvedic products, cosmetics, processed food, beverages and juices, and personal and home care products. It leverages Patanjali’s expertise and technical know-how in nutraceuticals and benefit from the synergy in the research and development and the pan India distribution network.

Business area of the company

Ruchi Soya Industries is one of India’s largest FMCG companies in the edible oil sector, and one of the largest fully integrated edible oil refining companies in the country, with diversified presence in packaged foods and the FMHG (Fast Moving Health Goods) segment. It is part of the Indian conglomerate Patanjali Group, with nationwide presence powering its growth across the segments of its presence.  The company has in place strong backward and forward linkages, supported by its presence across the entire value chain in the Soya and Palm segments. It is one of the largest palm plantation companies in the country, which provides it secure access to oil palm for seamless backward business integration. Its integration extends downstream to the Oleochemicals and other by-product and derivatives business. It is also engaged in the wind power generation business, using the renewable power generated at its facilities for sale and for captive use.

Key awards, accreditations or recognitions

2021: The company has been recognized as a “Great Place to Work” by Great Place to Work Institute, India.
Major events and milestones
1986: Incorporation of the company as a public limited company.
2019-20: The Patanjali Resolution Plan as submitted by Patanjali Consortium was approved by the National Company Law Tribunal and successfully implemented.
2019-20: Reclassification of promoters of the company.
2019-20: Patanjali Consortium assumed control over the company, as per the terms of the approved Patanjali Resolution Plan.
2020-21: Launch of three new products under the Nutrela brand, i.e., a high protein chakki atta, premium blended oil and honey.
2021-22: Launch of nutraceutical and wellness products.
2021-22: Acquisition of biscuit division from Patanjali Natural Biscuits Private Limited.
2021-22: Acquisition of the noodles and breakfast cereals by an assignment agreement with Patanjali Ayurved Limited.
2021-22: Execution of Distributor Agreement with Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

One of the largest manufacturers of edible oil in India is Ruchi Soya. Patanjali Ayurved acquired them in 2019. According to a study published by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte), Ruchi Soya was ranked 175 in the top 250 consumer product companies in the "Global Forces of the Consumer Goods Industry 2012." 

Through its subsidiaries, Ruchi Soya Industries Limited is engaged primarily in India in the production and sale of edible oils, vanaspati, bakery fats and soy food. It also provides products with soya chunks, granules, and soya flour. The organisation is a part of the Ruchi Party. Agri-Commodities, including raw cotton, are exported by the business. It provides information from its close business associates (directly winners) located in different locations in India. It is shipped worldwide to different buying houses, cloth factories, and trading firms. The business extracts various kinds of seeds. Food products, such as textured soy protein, soy flour, fruit juice and soy milk, are available. The firm also offers gram, wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, seeds, coffee, marine products, sugar, peas, barley, soap, fresh fruit, seedling, and plant & machinery (equipment). 

At the end of 2010, Ruchi Soya formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Ruchi Industries Pte. Ltd, ltd. The Singapore unit will participate in businesses like planting and processing, agri-commodity trading, plantation company acquisitions/investments, etc.


By combining Mac Oil Palm Limited and Palm-Tech India Limited, Ruchi Soya Industries Limited consolidated its role in palm plantation activities. This consolidation will allow Ruchi, both in terms of sourcing and marketing, to retain its leadership and have a formidable presence in India's southern markets. The investment of capital in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka would also prove beneficial for rural development and the agricultural economy. The merger of Mac Oil and Palm-Tech with Ruchi will help overall initiatives in India to encourage, grow and process oil palm plantations and lead to a long-term decrease in dependence on imports of edible oil.

Ruchi, on behalf of Ruchi Industries Pte., has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary. Ltd. in Singapore and Ruchi Ethiopia Holding Ltd. in Dubai for investments outside of India in plantation activities. 

The Board approved the Sunshine Oleochem Limited Amalgamation and Arrangement Scheme with the Corporation, subject to the approval of the representatives, creditors and the High Court's jurisdiction.


Manufactures of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited

-Soybean oil,

-Vanaspati vegetable fat, 

-Textured soy protein, 

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited manufactures soy flour and other soy products. The company also has developed-Palm stearin and Palm olein cooking oils.

Cooking oils, soy foods, vanaspati and baking fats are included in Ruchi's wide variety of food products. There are a variety of brands in the edible oil range, including Mahakosh, which is an umbrella brand containing soybean oil, cottonseed oil, groundnut oil; Ruchi Gold Palmolein and Ruchi Gold Mustard oil; Nutrela oils, including Nutrela Soyabean oil, Nutrela Mustard oil, Nutrela Sunflower oil, Nutrela Groundnut oil and Nutrela Rice Bran oil; and Sunrich sunflower oil. With more than 50 per cent market share, Nutrela is the biggest selling soya food brand in the world. Regional leaders in their respective categories are the two Vanaspati brands, Nutrigold and Ruchi No. 1. It also produces the Ruchi No. 1 brand of soap, available in four versions.


1986- Ruchi Soya, promoted by the Shahra family, set up food processing facilities in Madhya Pradesh.

1999-2000 The first port-based edible oil refinery in Chennai was set up (through a subsidiary), and the 'Ruchi Gold' brand launched palm oil in packed form.

2009-10- The merger of Mac Oil Palm Limited and Palm-Tech India Limited resulted in an access potential of 5,18,400 MTPA to 80,000 hectares for oil palm plantations and palm fruit processing. Ruchi Soya had oil palm procurement rights after the merger, covering land access for oil palm plantations of 1,75,000 hectares across six Indian states.

2012-13- Signed Thermax MoU for the 1 MW Biomass Power generation project at the Washim plant in Maharashtra, laying the foundations for the country's large-scale commercialisation of biomass power. 

Joint venture to diversify into Tomato processing in India with Kagome and Mitsui 
Joint venture to begin development and marketing of high-quality, usable edible oils with J-Oil and Toyota Tsusho Corporation.


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Brands Of Patanjali Foods

Brands Of Patanjali Foods



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