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The financial plan on https://investyadnya.in is developed using information provided by you. Our Estimates of future returns and inflation parameters, using past history and reliable sources, play a significant part in the plan. While the information is presented in a detailed manner with exact numbers, please be aware that all future projections are estimates only.

As the time period between the current date and projection date increases, so does the possible margin of error. This plan should be viewed as a "road map", and it should be reviewed minimum once every year and adjusted as more current or accurate information becomes available.

All the calculations are done based on our proprietary algorithms and programs. As with other computer applications, these programs are subject to errors due to various reasons such as malware attack, hacking, human errors etc. Though we take highest care to keep your information secured and making sure our algorithm works fine, still please do not consider the report developed by system as Final Financial Advice. There is no human review which has happened on that report and hence it is prone to system errors.

Suggested Financial Plan to achieve your financial goals may not be accurate or yield expected results if information provided by you is incorrect or any of the assumptions made are rendered invalid due to uncontrollable external forces like change in interest rates, change in government policies etc.

This plan is not designed as a substitute for your own judgment, nor is it meant to eliminate the necessity of your personal review and analysis. This plan is designed to supplement your own planning and analysis to help you fulfill your financial objectives. Information provided in the financial planning report is general in nature and should NOT be construed as providing legal, accounting, investment and/or tax advice. Should you have any specific questions and/or issues in these areas, please consult your legal, tax, investment and/or accounting advisor.

The Plan will be for the sole use of the person to whom it is addressed and for no other purpose. No responsibility is accepted for any third party who may use or rely on the whole or any part of the content of the financial plan.

Yadnya Academy Pvt. Ltd. cannot endorse or support any specific decision you may make because we are not privy to all the other information that effective financial decision making requires.

For any information regarding the various services and products offered by us or for providing any critical feedback with regard to our website/product performance/staff response, You can contact at contact@investyadnya.in

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