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Ready-made portfolios (stocks & mutual funds)
selected and periodically reviewed by our experts

Looking for a ready-made portfolio
to fit your investment goals?

Look no further than our new model portfolios.

Look no further than our new model portfolios.

Designed to make it easier for investors, these portfolios offer long term growth with a choice of Stocks, Actively managed Equity Funds, Index Funds/ETFs and Debt Funds. Portfolios are created separately for different risk profiles - Conservative, Moderate & Aggressive.

Selected and managed with input from the team who brought you and stock-o-meter, whose research and information has made them a popular choice with investors. Full details of our methodology, including how the model portfolios are constructed and managed, can be found here.

Model portfolios are comprehensive,
ready-to-implement investment guide that can deliver

Expertise & Knowledge
Asset Allocation, Stock & Fund Selection based on our deep research
Investment across asset classes - direct stocks, Equity Funds and Debt
Ability to choose from different risk profiles which suits you best.
Latest Market view
Monthly Monitoring of portfolios and quarterly rebalancing based on Yadnya's research & market view.

What Sets Us Apart?

Dynamic Investment approach
We combine a strategic and long-term fundamental approach with tactical views on economy & markets to provide a diversified asset allocation strategy that seeks to balance risk and return. All our portfolios are monitored on a monthly basis and rebalanced on a quarterly basis.
Based on Deep Research
Our model portfolios represents the best of stocks & mutual funds based on our deep research products - stock-o-meter &
Multiple options to choose
Investors can choose the implementation strategy that fits their needs based on the risk profile or investment approach of lump sum or SIP.
Vast multi-asset investing experience
Yadnya's research team, has designed custom & personalized portfolios for more than 1000 investors for over last 5+ years.
India First
Our models are proud India first and are based on both expectations of Indian investors as well as uniqueness of Indian market & economy

Our Ready-made Portfolios

Model portfolios can be an important tool in the journey to meet long-term investment goals, but one size rarely fits all. We offer three strategies with conservative, moderate and growth-oriented approaches to suit many types of risk profiles. The models use Stocks, mutual funds & exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
A portfolio of x actively managed funds, z index funds/ETFs and y stocks for conservative risk taking investors
A portfolio of x actively managed funds and y stocks for moderate risk taking investors
A portfolio of x actively managed funds and y stocks for aggressive risk taking investors
SIP - Stock Only
A stocks only portfolio for moderately aggressive risk taking investors
A Techno-Fundamental Large & Midcap portfolio for Moderate Risk Profile Investors
A Multi-asset, Diversified & aggressive risk portfolio for your Wealth Creation goal
A Multi-asset, Diversified & Growth oriented portfolio for long term regular income
A Fundamental based, diversified small & midcap portfolio for very high risk takers

Model Portfolios: What is it & How it works?

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What Customers Say about Model Portfolios?





Past performance of the underlying constituents is not a guarantee of future performance. Equity based investments are subject to Stock market risks and hence can go both up & down based on how the markets behave.

The information we provide in respect of the Model Portfolios are just a reference model and not a financial advice. Purpose of Model Portfolios is to give you reference model on how a good diversified portfolio can be created and what things & analysis go into creating a detailed portfolio. Please note that none of the models we provide are a "personal recommendation", which means that we have not assessed your investing knowledge and experience, your financial situation or your investment objectives. Therefore, you should ensure that any investment decisions you make are suitable for your personal circumstances. If you are unsure about the suitability of a particular investment or think that you need a personal recommendation, you should speak to a suitably qualified financial advisor.

We are firm believer that financial advise and portfolio creation can be only done in personalized manner. If you want our help to create a personalized portfolio, you can check this link.

All Portfolios are created by SEBI Registered RIAs. Any changes to the Model Portfolio constituents and the rationale behind those decisions will be communicated through the monthly blogs

Mutual Funds are subject to market risk, please read the offer document before investing.

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