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Marico is one of India’s leading consumer goods companies operating in global beauty and wellness categories. It owns leading brands across categories of hair care, skin care, edible oils, healthy foods, male grooming, and fabric care. The portfolio of brands includes well-known names like Parachute, Saffola, Nihar, Mediker, Set Wet, Livon, and Kaya to name a few. Harsh Mariwala is the Founder and Chairman of Marico Limited. 


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Marico is one the leading company in FMCG sector incepted in year 1988. The company has created one of biggest brands in India. It is one of India's leading consumer products companies operating in the beauty and wellness space. Empowered with freedom and opportunity, it work to make a difference to the lives of all the stakeholders - members, associates, consumers, investors and the society at large. Currently present in many countries across emerging markets of Asia and Africa, Marico has nurtured multiple brands in the categories of hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming, and fabric care. Marico's India business markets household brands such as Parachute, Parachute Advansed, Saffola, Hair & Care, Nihar, Nihar Naturals, Livon, Set Wet, Mediker and Revive among others that add value to the life of 1 in every 3 Indians. The International business offers unique brands such as Parachute, HairCode, Fiancée, Caivil, Hercules, Black Chic, Isoplus, Code 10, Ingwe, X-Men and Thuan Phat that are localized to fulfil the lifestyle needs of international consumers.

Business area of the company

Marico is one of India’s leading Consumer Products Group, in the global beauty and wellness space.


  • Parachute Coconut Oil
  • Parachute Advansed
  • Parachute Advansed Body Lotion
  • Saffola
  • Hair & Care
  • Livon
  • Nihar Naturals
  • Mediker
  • Revive
  • Studio X
  • Kaya Youth
  • Parachute Advansed Coconut Creme Oil
  • Mediker Anti Lice Treatment
  • Veggie Clean
  • KeepSafe
  • Protect
  • True Roots
  • Saffola Gourmet
  • Set Wet


  • 2005: Saffola Gold wins a Gold EFFIE for the advertising effectiveness of communication
  • 2005: Saffola Gold wins a Grand EFFIE - Brand of the Year
  • 2006: Saffola wins a Silver EFFIE under Consumer Products Category.
  • 2007: Award for the Parachute Advansed Campaign - Gorgeous Hamesha.
  • 2007: Nihar Naturals and Saffola win Bronze in the Consumer Products Category.
  • 2007: Marico ‘Uncommon Sense' Campaign wins a Gold EFFIE in the Corporate Advertising Category.
  • 2007: MOR wins Best New Publication and Best Newsletter Design Award.
  • 2008: Saffola World Heart Day Campaign wins a Silver in the Integrated Advertising Campaign Category.
  • 2008: Saffola wins a Silver in the Consumer Products Category.
  • 2009: Mahathanda wins 3 silvers in the Print Category.
  • 2009: Saffola wins Media Abby Gold for the World Heart Day Radio entry - 'Radio goes silent'.
  • 2011: Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil selected for WARC Asia's 25 Best Brand Thinking Cases for 2011.
  • 2011: Marketing Campaign Gold Medal for Saffolalife 'Young at Heart'.
  • 2011: Saffola wins a Bronze for 'World Heart Day' Campaign.
  • 2011: Nihar wins a Bronze for 'Jaani Na' Campaign.
  • 2011: Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic wins a Silver for Real Recommendations Campaign.
  • 2012: Hair Code wins an EFFIES MENA in Egypt.
  • 2012: Hair Code wins a Silver in the Non-Food/FMCG Category.
  • 2012: Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil wins a Gold at the Media Abby's in the Print Category.
  • 2012: A Bronze in 'Rural Advertising' for Mediker.
  • 2012: A Silver in 'Integrated Campaign' for Parachute Advansed Body Lotion.
  • 2012: Best Presenter Awards for Saffola World Heart Day and Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic.
  • 2012: A Gold for Saffola and a Silver for Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic.
  • 2013: A Gold for Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil and a Silver for Parachute Advansed Body Lotion.
  • 2013: Parachute Advansed Cooling Oil wins a Bronze for the 'Cop' television commercial.
  • 2013: Nihar Naturals wins a Bronze for the 'E baar Durga Ki Korbe' in the Branded Content category.
  • 2013: Saffola wins a Bronze for the ‘Super Dad’ creative in the Integrated Advertising Category.
  • 2013: Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic wins a Gold in the Best Use of Print Category.
  • 2014: Saffola Masala Oats won a Silver PR ABBY for The Other Side campaign at the Goafest 2014.
  • 2014: Marico bagged a Certificate of Excellence for Saffola Masala Oats The Other Side Initiative.
  • 2014: Nihar won a Bronze ABBY for the Nihar Shanti ‘Chotte Kadam Pragati ki Aur’ Initiative.
  • 2015: Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic hair oil has won a Bronze Effie for the campaign 'Recommendation = Sharing'.
  • 2015: Marico Brands won 4 EFFIES - 2 Golds for Saffola Masala Oats , 1 Bronze for Nihar and 1 Bronze for Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic.
  • 2015: Marico won at the prestigious SABRE PR Awards 2015, Parachute Advansed won a Gold for Art of Oiling campaign.
  • 2015: Saffolalife won 2 Awards at the Goafest Media ABBY Awards, ‘Best use of Ambient Media’ and Bronze for ‘Best Integrated Campaign'.
  • 2015: 3 Gold & 2 Bronze for Saffola’s World Heart Day campaign, 2 Silvers for Saffola FitFoodie and 1 Bronze for Nihar Shanti Amla.
  • 2015: Marico won a Gold each for Nihar Shanti Amla, Saffola Oats and Saffola Oil, Silver for Parachute Advansed.
  • 2016: Gold for Saffolalife World Heart Day & Silver Saffola Fit Foodie campaign in Experiential Marketing category.
  • 2016: Saffolalife ProtectHerHeart Wins Gold at India PR & Corporate Communication Awards.
  • 2016: Saffolalife won a Silver and 2 Bronze, Nihar PCN won a Silver, Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy won a Bronze and Bio Oil received a Bronze.
  • 2016: Saffola featured in the 11th edition of Afaqs’ India's Buzziest Brands amongst 60 brands.
  • 2016: Marico won 4 STEVIEs at International Business Awards 2016, 1 Gold & 1 Silver for Saffolalife best marketing & PR campaign. Nihar Naturals won 1 Gold & 1 bronze for best marketing & PR campaign.
  • 2017: Saffolalife's Campaign: protect her heart, has won a Gold in Continous Campaign (Metro Only) Category and Bronze in Intergrated Campaign category, awarded by the India PR & Corporate Communications awards (IPRCCA).
  • 2017: Set Wet in Nepal wins Silver at Flame Awards 2017 in the experiential marketing campaign category.
  • 2017: Saffolalife protect her heart wins Gold & Bronze from IPRCC for its PR Campaign.


  • 1971: Harsh Mariwala, a young graduate, joins the family business - Bombay Oil Industries.
  • 1974: Harsh envisions a branded FMCG market for coconut and refined edible oils in small consumer packs and sets up a national distribution network for Parachute.
  • 1974: The ubiquitous Parachute blue bottle makes its first appearance in Harsh's first innovation.
  • 1980: Traditional tin packs are replaced by plastic packs, pioneering an industry wide shift.
  • 1990: Marico leadership co-creates its first Corporate Mission and Values document in the 3Ps of Marico.
  • 1991: A company at birth articulates ‘who it wanted to be’ and ‘how it would like to go about doing it’.
  • 1991: In the same year Marico launches Hair & Care a non-sticky hair oil repositioning the market leader through contemporary packaging. Sweekar sunflower oil goes national.
  • 1992: Marico shifts headquarters from Masjid Bundar bazaar to upscale Bandra.
  • 1993: Marico goes from being an exporter to an international marketer - sets up its first overseas office in Dubai.
  • 1994: Revive cold water starch makes starching cottons more convenient for the Indian consumer.
  • 1996: Marico lists on the Indian stock Exchange.
  • 1999: Threat from an international giant galvanizes the company to protect its turf and goes on the offensive with ‘Parachute ki Kasam’.
  • 1999: The company expands with its first overseas manufacturing facility in Bangladesh.
  • 1999: Marico acquires Madiker in the same year.
  • 2002: India’s first unisex top of the line dermatology led clinics. Marico ventures into skin care solutions from FMCG. 
  • 2003: Marico makes a difference - sets up copra collection center to produce directly from framers increasing their margins and thereby improving their lives.
  • 2006: Nihar enters Marico’s fold.
  • 2007: Marico cast its footprints in Africa- acquires Fiancee and hair code in Egypt and Caivil, Balck Chic and Hercules in South Africa.
  • 2009: Marico makes a public offering of equity in Bangladesh a first for one its overseas subsidiaries.
  • 2010: The south East Asia journey commences with code 10 male grooming in Malaysia and Derma Rx Skin care solutions in Singapore.
  • 2010: India wake up to Saffola breakfast. Masala oats- yet another innovation from Marico.
  • 2011: Parachute Advansed entered the skin-care category with the launch of Parachute Advansed Body Lotion (PABL), another innovation by Marico.
  • 2011: Parachute Gold Hair Cream was launched in the Middle East market targeted to women and today has great equity amongst the consumer.
  • 2011: Marico strengthens its presence S.E. Asia through a male grooming, skin care and food portfolio acquired in Vietnam.
  • 2012: Get SetWet and Go.. India’s Gen Next styled by Marico.
  • 2013: Kaya Skin Care business demerged from Marico. Establishes itself a separate entity.
  • 2014: Marico group turnover crosses Rs 5000 crore.
  • 2015: Marico’s Market Cap tops Rs 25,000 crore.
  • 2020: Marico partners with Swiggy, Zomato.
  • 2020: Marico launches hand sanitiser under Mediker brand.
  • 2020: Marico launches KeepSafe, a range of premium personal and out of home hygiene products.
  • 2020: Marico launches protect range of surface disinfectant sprays, strengthening its portfolio into the fast-growing segment of safety and hygiene after COVID-19.
Brands Of Marico


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