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Student & Early Earner Model Portfolio

Student & Early Earner Model Portfolio Methodology

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Our brain is habituated to think in a linear fashion, so if I am asked to estimate how much my 5000 rupees are going to grow in 40 years at a 15% expected return annually, I will think something in the lines of 5000 X 40 times = ₹ 2 Lacs.  But the actual number will be closer to the figure of ₹ 19.5 Lakhs. This shows we tend to underestimate the power of compounding.

Imagine if a 20-year young investor starts keeping aside a small sum of INR 5000 every month and starts building his/her stock portfolio for the next 40 years. Assuming an expected return of 15% annually with this discipline of investing ₹ 5000 per month for the next 40 years, just imagine how much the portfolio is expected to grow? It is going to be an enormous number of ₹ 15.7 Crores and can retire peacefully. This is exponential growth, and the best part is more is the number of years more prominent is the impact is on the growth of the invested amount. The key here is to stay invested and maintain the discipline of investing every month without bothering about the highs and lows of the market. Stocks markets are destined to have cycles of up and down, but it is an investor’s hand to decide how they react during these cycles.

The “Oracle of Omaha” and one of the most prominent investors of today’s world Mr. Warren Buffet has mentioned it multiple times that his life has been a product of compound interest.

So here we are with a model portfolio that can aid an investor’s investment process by starting early and starting with a small amount of 6000 per month. With Yadnya’s Student and Early Earner Model portfolio, what we are offering is a small denomination model portfolio using which an investor can start building his/her stock portfolio at an early age and fully utilise the magic of compounding through a long-term approach. This concentrated model portfolio is built using Yadnya’s FIVE-G framework.

Students get small amounts in the form of pocket money or through part time income like teaching other students. This model portfolio gives such students the opportunity to participate in capital markets and take benefit of the edge they have on their side – TIME for long term capital growth.  As they say, many millionaires started out early on their pocket money.

While starting our careers with our first jobs, typically the expenses are high, and the savings are low. Using this model portfolio early earners can also start paving their own path to financial freedom with low savings rate. Early earners can take up more risk with their investments as typically the responsibilities are low, and the investment horizon is very high.

The minimum investable amount for this portfolio will remain less than 6000 such that students and early earners who typically have small investable amounts at their disposal can make full use of this model portfolio.  The portfolio comprises of 11 stocks currently, with multi sectoral exposure providing benefit of both diversification and concentration.

Stock Selection Approach

For portfolio construction, this Model Portfolio uses Yadnya’s FIVE G framework

F – Financials

I – Industry

V – Valuation

E – Enterprise

G – Governance

We consider many fundamental, technical, industry parameters for coming up with individual scores of all the companies in the screened universe of stocks. Some of these parameters are mentioned here:

Investment objective

The aim is to generate long term returns by investing into a concentrated portfolio of Indian companies with high growth potential by taking higher risk.


Buy and Hold investments with a time horizon of 10 years in stocks with strong fundamental characteristics and sound management.


Sectoral wise breakup of the portfolio

Risk mitigation strategy

We actively consider risk parameters like Beta and Standard Deviation in our analysis. Incorporating lower Beta and low standard deviation stocks help in constructing portfolios with a lower downside risk. Thus, if the benchmark stocks take a steep fall, the constructed model portfolio falls at a lesser pace and quantum. One of the criteria for selecting stocks is that after constructing the portfolio, Beta and Standard Deviation of the constructed portfolio is less than Beta and Standard Deviation of the benchmark.

Is this model portfolio for you?

This portfolio is meant for students and early earners with high risk profile i.e., investors who are willing to accept periods of high market volatility in exchange for the possibility of receiving returns that outpace benchmark indices. It is important to have a long-time horizon for aggressive investors investing in direct stocks because if there is a severe downturn in the market, an investor will need plenty of time to make up for the decline in value.

The expected average rate of return from a portfolio is 15-18% over time. In its best year, it might gain 25-30% and in its worst year, it could decline by 20-25%.

These are typical investor profiles who can refer to this portfolio–

1. A student with high-risk appetite; typically, 18 to 25-year-old with low savings and low liabilities

2. A young professional who just started working & interested in creating a new stock portfolio

3. A home maker who wants to utilise a portion of the monthly savings to take first exposure to stock markets for meeting a long-term goal

Time Horizon

Min. 10 years




BSE 500 Index

Important Dates

Inception Date – August 25th, 2021

Launch Date – August 25th, 2021

Market Cap Category – Multi Cap

Last Quarterly Rebalancing – May 25th, 2022

Next Quarterly Rebalancing – August 25th, 2022

Backtesting Results

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for reference purposes only and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. All these portfolios are created based on our expert’s experience in the market. These Model Portfolio are prepared by SEBI Registered RIA.

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