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How It Works

Get started with these simple steps to buy multiple stocks in 1 click.

Choose Portfolio

Choose Portfolio

  • You have chosen portfolio to achieve your investments goals.
Login with Broker Account

Login with Broker Account

  • Easy login and ready to Invest through your broker account.


  • Subscribe to a portfolio by completing your risk profile and selecting a pricing plan.
  • Once you subscribed you can check the stocks weights carrying in each portfolio.

Fill up Billing Information

Fill up Billing Information

  • Annual subscription fee will be applicable on your selected portfolio which will be billed on your monthly investments.
  • Your subscription will be auto renewed monthly.
Make Payment

Make Payment

  • Once you are done with eNACH payment process, review orders before confirming and then place order.
Track & Manage Portfolio

Track & Manage Portfolio

  • Once the order placed successfully, you will be asked to save the transactions in your portfolio tracker.
  • Select your portfolio or Add new portfolio to save these transactions.
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What is the flow to invest in portfolio?

Please check the above workflow to achieve your investments goals.

What are the products offered?

We offer various portfolios with the theme of strong fundamentals & low downside risk Read More
Moderate - A portfolio of actively managed funds and stocks for moderate risk taking investors. Conservative - A portfolio of actively managed funds, index funds/ETFs and stocks for conservative risk taking investors. Growth - A portfolio of actively managed funds and stocks for aggressive risk taking investors. SIP - STOCK ONLY - A stocks only portfolio for moderately aggressive risk taking investors. VALUE - STOCK ONLY - A Techno-Fundamental Large & Midcap portfolio for Moderate Risk Profile Investors. SMALL AND MID CAP - STOCK ONLY - A Fundamental based, diversified small & midcap portfolio for very high risk takers. STUDENT & EARLY EARNER - STOCK ONLY - A fundamentals based multi-cap, small denomination portfolio for young investors. QUANTO-FUNDA MODEL PORTFOLIO - STOCK ONLY - A Multicap Portfolio based on Quantitative factors of Fundamental Analysis. EV & Green Energy Investor - A portfolio for seasoned investors with a high-risk with min time horizon least 5 years. All Seasons ETF Portfolio Investor - Portfolio for the extra savings with medium to slightly higher risk and a time horizon longer than 8 years. Happy Earth Portfolio - Stock Only - A Stock only ESG plus Portfolio based on Sustainability & Ethical Investing philosophy. Read less

Once the investments done, Where do I track my investments?

You can track your investments in your Portfolio tracker, Smallcase and on your broker account as well. Check here

How do I rebalance?

You can rebalance your investments by clicking on "Rebalance" button displayed on Model Portfolio page. Check here

Where do I see my Investment history?

You can check your all transactions on "Investment History" page. Click here

Where do I sell stocks?

You can sell your particular stocks on your DMAT account.

Can I buy single stock?

No, you cannot buy single stock currently from here.

Are there lock-in periods?

There are no lock-in periods, so you may sell your smallcases anytime. As a concept however, smallcases work best when used for long-term investing.

Can NRIs invest through this Platform?

Yes , Smallcase do have some selected Brokers who provides the service to NRI As per our latest information here are some names Zerodha Read More IIFL, Upstox, 5paisa, Motilal But still it will be suggested to crosscheck with respective brokers with their latest T&Cs.
Read less

Will my Existing Portfolio get merged if I invest through this Platform?

No, it cannot be merged. Only portfolios bought through this system can be rebalanced from here.

Do I have to keep money in my Dmat account before Investing Or Rebalancing?

You can keep the money in your broker account but it is not compulsory you can add money at the time of Read More Investment Or Re-balancing from Netbanking / UPI (As per Broker facilitate)
Read less

What is e-NACH Mandate?

eNACH is the electronic process of helping the banks, financial institutions and other government bodies to provide automated payment servicesRead More This help us to collect monthly execution charges from your account . This mandate will auto renewed till the time you are investing through this platform. You can cancel this mandate anytime by writing to our support team. Read less

Can I invest MF also through this platform?

No, currently you can invest only in Stocks & ETFs.
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