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Part of the Godrej Group, Godrej Agrovet is a domestic company having presence across animal feed, vegetable oil, crop protection, dairy and poultry and processed meat with about 31 facilities and wide distribution network across the country. The company derives 47% of revenue from Animal Feed, 11% from vegetable oil, 16% from Cream Line Dairy, 9% from Poultry & 17% from crop protection.


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The company was incorporated as Godrej Agrovet Private Limited on November 25, 1991 in the state of Gujarat as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. The company became a deemed public limited company under Section 43A(1) of the Companies Act, 1956, and the word “private” was struck off from the name of the company with effect from April 27, 1992. Pursuant to the company passing a resolution under Section 21 of the Companies Act, 1956, the company was registered as a public limited company with effect from August 26, 1994. Subsequently, the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat issued a fresh certificate of incorporation dated February 19, 2002 consequent upon conversion, recording the change of the company’s name to ‘Godrej Agrovet Limited’.

The company is focused on improving productivity of farmers by innovating products and services that sustainably increase crop and livestock yields. It has made significant investments to enhance its R&D capabilities over the years . The company has two dedicated R&D centres for its crop protection business at Mumbai and Thane, which has enabled the company to launch new products. Its oil palm business has a dedicated R&D center at Andhra Pradesh, which is focused on improving the yield performance of oil palm crop and exploring new avenues of value creation from oil palm biomass.

Business area of the company

The company is a diversified, research and development focused agri-business company with operations across five business verticals i.e. animal feed, crop protection, oil palm, dairy, and poultry and processed foods.
Awards and Accreditations
2013: The company has been recognized as one of the best 100 Companies in India for 2013 by Great Place to Work Institute India.
2014: The company has been recognized as one of the best 100 Companies in India for 2014 by Great Place to Work Institute India.
2015: The company has been recognized for Fairness in Performance Management System Category in 2015 by Great Place to Work Institute.
2015: The company has been named as an Aon Best Employer in the Aon Best Employers - India 2015 Programme by Aon Hewitt.
2015: The company was awarded ‘Highest Crude Palm Oil Producer in the Country’ at the GLOBOIL India, 2015.
2017: The company has been named as an Aon Best Employer in the Aon Best Employers - India 2017 Programme by Aon Hewitt.
2017: ACI Godrej received an award in the category of “QCC for Sustainable Development” in the 21st National Annual Quality Convention - 2017 organized by Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management
2018-19: The Company’s Oil Palm plant at Chintampalli was awarded ‘Energy Efficient Unit’ at the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) National Awards for Excellence in Energy Management 2018.
2018-19: The Company’s Subsidiary Astec LifeSciences Limited, Mahad Plant was awarded CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2018 in the category of Resource & Material Conservation.
2019-20: Oil Palm manufacturing site located at Chintampalli, won two awards for their sustainability initiatives. The plant was awarded the ‘Excellent Energy Effi cient Unit - Silver rating’ at the SNEMA Award 2019 for the first time, the National Safety Award 2019 and the Bombay Chamber of Commerce Award for Sustainability.

  1. Major events and milestones

1991: The company was incorporated on November 25, 1991.
1992: The company acquired the agrovet division of Godrej Soaps Limited.
1997: The company acquired the oil palm business from Godrej Soaps Limited.
1999: The company acquired poultry business from IPF Breeders Private Limited.
2004: The company formed a joint venture company in Bangladesh namely, ACI Godrej Agrovet Private Limited.
2005: The company acquired 26% stake in Polchem Hygiene Laboratories Private Limited.
2005: The company acquired 26% stake in Creamline Dairy.
2005: The company acquired shrimp feed business from Higashimaru Feeds (India) Limited.
2012: V-Sciences made investment in the company by acquiring 19.99% of the Equity Share capital of the company.
2015: The company acquired majority stake in Astec Lifesciences.
2015: The company increased its stake from 26% to 52% in Creamline Dairy.
2016: The company sold its 26% stake in Polchem Hygiene Laboratories Private Limited.
2018-19: The company has acquired an additional 1.1 % of the Paidup Equity Share Capital of its Joint Venture GTFL, increasing its total shareholding in GTFL from 49.9% to 51.0%.
2018-19: The company has acquired additional 2.16% of the Paid-up Equity Share Capital of GMPL, increasing its total shareholding in GMPL from 49.9% to 52.06%.
2019-20: The company acquired additional 11.03% of Paid-up Equity Share Capital of Godrej Maxximilk
Private Limited, increasing its Equity holding from 62.97% to 74.00%.
2019-20: In the Crop Protection business, the company successfully launched an in-house cotton herbicide ‘Hitweed Maxx’ and an in-licensing herbicide ‘Hanabi’ thereby growing our product portfolio.

Godrej Agrovet is the part of Godrej Groups, one of the broadly diversified conglomerates in India. Godrej Agrovet Limited (GAVL) is an Indian animal feed and agribusiness firm. Godrej Agrovet is a profoundly broadened company supported by research and improvement. The company holds advertising positions in poultry preparing, creature bolster, oil palm ranches and Agri inputs. Godrej Agrovet Limited was consolidated as a private limited organisation with the name 'Godrej Agrovet Private Limited' on November 25, 1991, in the territory of Gujarat. The organisation turned into a regarded public limited organisation, and the word 'private' was struck off from the name of the Company with impact from April 27 1992.

The Company holds driving business sector positions in the various organisations in which it works - Animal Feed Crop Protection Oil Palm Dairy and Poultry and Processed Foods. GAVL has a pan India presence with deals of over 1,000,000 tons every year of great feed and bleeding-edge sustenance items for cattle poultry water feed and claims to special feed.

Godrej Agrovet Limited is listed on all the famous stock exchanges of India like National Stock Exchange Ltd., The Stock Exchange, Mumbai, MCX Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and many more. It is listed on the BSE with a BSE Code of 540743 and the NSE with an NSE Code of GODREJAGRO.


Godrej Agrovet has a vast history of mergers and acquisitions, starting from 1992 when Godrej Agrovet acquired agro vet division of Godrej Soaps Ltd. In 1997 Acquired palm oil business from Godrej Soaps Ltd., after that in 1999, it Acquired poultry business from IPF Breeders Pvt Ltd. In 2005 Acquired shrimp feed business from Higashimaru Feeds (India) Ltd. and in 2015 Acquired majority stake in Astec Lifesciences.


They aim to improve farm productivity and profitability of farmers by developing cost-effective solutions in Animal Feed, Crop Protection, Oil Palm, Dairy and Poultry and Processed Foods.

Their services include-

Animal Feed-
Their Animal Feed business is one of the biggest sorted out parts in the Compound Feed market in India, timing over 1,000,000 tons in yearly deals. Our differing portfolio remembers items for Cattle, Poultry, Aqua and Specialty Feed. Our more than 32 cutting edge fabricating plants, outfitted with quality affirmation labs, assist ranchers with improving their homestead efficiency and productivity. We likewise work intimately with ranchers to give on-ranch specialised help and draw in them in ability building exercises.
Palm Oil-
They are among the most prominent oil palm designers in India and work straightforwardly with the ranchers for the whole lifecycle of their yield. Throughout the long term, we have grown in excess of 61,700 hectares of estates across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Maharashtra and Mizoram. They produce a scope of items, including Crude Palm Oil, Crude Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Kernel Cake. They have five oil palm processes the nation over.
Crop Protection-
Their Crop Protection business has a wide scope of items that take into account the whole yield lifecycle. Their continually developing item portfolio incorporates Plant Growth Regulators, Organic Manures, Generic Agrochemicals and Specialized Herbicides. Today, they are the world's biggest makers and advertisers of Homobrassinolide. They are likewise the pioneer in specific post-rise cotton herbicides in India.
Godrej Tyson Foods-
Their processing facilities guarantee that every one of our items experiences rigid quality frameworks and checks. They have plants in Bangalore and Mumbai with totally incorporated reproducing and incubation facility activities. Also, their Bangalore plant additionally has the additional capacity to create cold cuts and breaded items.

They offer more services like ACI Godrej Agrovet, Creamline Dairy Products, Astec Lifesciences, Aqua Feed, etc.


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Godrej Agrovet Limited is an assorted research & development focused agri-business Company. It was started on November 25, 1991, in the state of Gujarat. It belongs to one of the highly diversified Indian amalgamations, the Godrej Group. It is committed to improving the productivity of Indian farmers by innovating products & services that continually increase crop & livestock yields. The headquarters of Godrej Agrovet Limited is located in Mumbai. 

It has leading market positions in different businesses. It handles Animal Feed Crop Protection, Oil Palm Dairy and Poultry and Processed Foods. It holds a pan India existence with sales of over a million tons per annum of high-quality feed & cutting-edge nutrition products for cattle poultry aqua feed & speciality feed. It has 2 joint ventures with Tyson Foods Inc. USA in the refined poultry section & with the ACI group of Bangladesh for the animal feed business. 


Godrej Agrovet’s Animal feed company has accepted the merger of its subsidiary Astec Lifesciences. In the board meeting, the merger plan was taken into consideration for equity shares of Godrej Agrovet.


Godrej Agrovet is one of the most massive Indian amalgamations. It contributes to various agriculture-related businesses. It runs across 5 business that comprises the following verticals:

  • Animal feed
  • Oil palm
  • Crop protection
  • Dairy & poultry
  • Processed foods

Animal feed is the largest business of the company that provides over 51.7% of its revenues. It is one of the largest organised participants in the compound animal feed market of India. It is continuously innovating products & services that increase crop & livestock yields. Its objective is to improve farm productivity & profitability of farmers by expanding cost-effective solutions in animal feed, oil palm, crop protection, dairy and poultry and processed foods.


  • Won SAP ACE 2010 for Customer Excellence under the category of the Industries including Services.
  • Oil Palm Plantation business accorded CII National Award for CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2020 & Excellence in Energy Management.
  • It was honoured as Excellent Energy Efficient Unit at the 21st National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2020 based on its achievement & performance in energy efficiency. 
  • Its Seethanagram plant was also glorified with the CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2020 & grant as an Innovative Environmental Project in waste management.
  • Oil Palm Plantation business has been glorified continuously for Environment Initiatives sectors for upgrading energy efficiency.
Brands Of Godrej Agrovet

Brands Of Godrej Agrovet



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