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Zydus Wellness is an Indian FMCG - Food company with headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is a subsidiary of Cadila Healthcare, one of India's best pharmaceutical firms. Zydus Wellness acts as an organised customer brand with a company that spans the whole value chain in the production of the promotion and delivery of health and wellness goods.  The Company sells its goods in India and has two factories in Sikkim and one in Gujrat. The competitive market edge relies on four main pillars: financial strength and product innovation manufacturing credibility and supply chain performance. In 2019, Zydus purchased the Heinz India subsidiary of Kraft Heinz for 4.595 crores and acquired its consumer product trademarks, including Complan, Glucon-D, Nycil and Sampriti Ghee.

Zydus Wellness Ltd is involved in the manufacture, import and distribution of all forms of health food products, low sugar, low cholesterol, including margarine, cheese, butter and substitutes. The product line of the company includes Nutritional Health Foods, and Dietary Products-Sugar Free Gold is the best selling low-calorie aspartame sugar substitute in India. Sugar-Free Natural is the newest generation zero-calorie sugar substitute made from sucralose-a sugar derivative. Sugar-Free Dlite is a low-calorie, balanced drink enriched with electrolytes, vitamins and only 10 calories. Speciality Skincare Products-The EverYuth brand enjoys the distinction of being a 'skincare brand of a healthcare corporation' in the skincare market.

Zydus is in the FMCG- Food sector and is listed on India’s largest stock exchanges. It is listed in National Stock Exchange(NSE) with an NSE Code of ZYDUSWELL, and it is also listed on Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) with a BSE Code of 531335.


Zydus Wellness offers several services in the form of their brands, and after acquiring Kraft Heinz, they offer a total of 7 brands.

  • Complan-
    It is one of the best milk drink mixtures to enhance the taste of the milk drinks and make them tastier to drink. They also claim that it helps the kid to grow their length by the regular consumption of the drink.

  • Sugar-Free-
    Sugar-Free is a low-calorie sweetener that is safe for use and a perfect alternative for calorie-conscious sugar, weight watchers and diabetics. The concept behind Sugar-Free is to substitute Sugar with Zero Sugar Calories, to retain the sweetness you like in your sweets & drinks!

  • Glucon-D-
    Glucon-D contains glucose that helps to replenish the body's glucose and fills you with the energy you need to remain active.

  • Everyuth-
    EverYuth has a wide presence of specialised skincare categories such as soap-free facial washes, face masks, skin exfoliators, and others. The EverYuth portfolio also provides unique dermatologically validated skincare options for sun safety, pigmentation, acne and ageing under the newly released EverYuth Derma Care range.

  • Nycil-
    Zydus Wellness, operating under the umbrella of health and wellness, has got you – Nycil. Nycil has a unique Germ Killer Recipe that is scientifically tested to provide Immediate Germ Kill & 3 Visible effects from summer skin problems such as Sweat, Body Odor, Scratching, Rashes & Prickly Heat.

  • Nutralite-
    Nutralite is a safe, cholesterol-free butter replacement (table margarine) and India's highest-selling table margarine.

  • Sugarlite-
    Sugarlite is 100 % pure sugar, made from a combination of sugar and stevia. So, it has the sweetness of sugar, with 50% fewer calories. This low-calorie diet of smart sugar keeps you fit. It is recommended for weight loss, general fitness and a strong heart.


  • 1988- Launched, Sugar-Free, India’s first Zero calorie sweetener

  • 1991- Everyuth, launched in India as India’s best skincare solution.

  • 2005- Launched, Sugar-Free Natura with Sucralose.

  • 2006- Acquisition of Carnation Nutra (CANFL), included Nutralite in their premium brands.

  • 2009- Made a successive move and got listed on the National Stock Exchange.

  • 2011- Open a Greenfield project in Sikkim.

  • 2017- Sugar-Free Green with Stevia & new production facility at Sikkim.

  • 2018- Zydus disrupts the Sugar Industry with the launch of SugarLite.

  • 2019- Acquisition of Heinz India, incorporated brands like Glucon-D, Complan and Nycil.


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