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personalize financial planning graphic image - We have been providing personalized Financial Planning solutions to our clients in India as well as to NRIs so as to help them

Personalized Financial Planning

  • Free Financial Plan - Goal, Retirement, Insurance Plan + Future Cash Flow statement
  • 20 Pages+ Report with Asset recommendations & Allocation
  • Current Portfolio Review
  • Direct Access to Expert Financial Advisor
  • Choose Your Plan - Premium & Gold
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Stock Market Analysis Subscription with eBooks

  • 5+ videos per month on Fundamental Analysis of key stocks
  • Detailed Stock descriptions along with related ebooks
  • Covers all aspects of Stock analysis

    - Both Quantitative and Qualitative

  • Get detailed insights into how companies are doing and will do in long term.
  • Latest quarter results detailed analysis of the key stocks
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stock fundamenta analysis graphic image - Stock Market Analysis Subscription with eBooks - BSE/NSE technical chart, live market map and more technical stock information.
tax yadnya graphic image - TDS is deducted from your interest payment, then bank is required to issue you Form-16A providing the details of interest paid and tax

Simplest Income Tax Information Bank

  • 1000+ Pages of information on Income Tax
  • Very Simple Language
  • Explained with 50+ Videos & 200+ Infographics
  • Covers every aspects of Income Tax - Deduction, Allowance, Capital Gain, IT Calculations, IT Return filing
  • Always Latest Information
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Comprehensive Mutual Fund Reviews

  • Review of 90+ Equity Schemes and 20+ Index Funds and ETFs
  • New proprietary Green, Yellow & Red star rating methodology
  • Most Transparent Review
  • Fund Comparisons
  • Always latest Reviews by experts
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mf yadnya graphic image- here displayed piggy bank and money with future time clock.
finplan graphic image - in this picture contains plant of money, here showing how to save money - Achieve your financial goals by investing in the best mutual funds | investYadnya

Do-it-Yourself Financial Planning

  • Step by Step Financial Planning
  • Very Simple Language
  • All calculators and templates
  • Complete Financial Planning Knowledge Bank - Retirement, Goals, Investment, Tax, Insurance & Estate
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