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Exide Industries




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Exide Industries


Exide Industries Limited was founded in 1947, with its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. Exide Industries is a storage battery producing and life insurance company. It is the largest lead battery manufacturing company in the country. Exide holds the fourth position in manufacturing worldwide. Exide Industries has its dealership network spanning 46 countries across 5 continents. The company also has four major lead battery recycling facilities.

Exide Industries Annual Report shows that ING Vysya Life Insurance Company’s name was changed to Exide Life Insurance Company Limited in 2014. Exide Industries Stock is traded in both BSE and NSE. The company has revenue of Rs.9186 crore as of 2018.

Exide Industries manufactures the broadest range of storage batteries globally in its seven factories located across the country. Aspex Batteries Limited, Chloride Alloys India Limited, Dynex, and Associated Battery Manufacturers Limited are some of Exide Industries Limited subsidiaries.

  • 2003 - Joint Venture with ESPEX UK, with 51% shareholdings

  • 2005 - 50% investment in the shares of ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Limited

  • 2007 - Procurement of 100% stake in Tandon Metals Limited

  • 2012 - Acquired the inverter manufacturing facility at Roorkee, Uttarakhand

  • 2012 - Exide Industries underwent Technical Collaboration with East Penn Manufacturing Company based in the USA.


1. The complete range of four-wheeler batteries:

  • Exide EPIQ

  • Exide Matrix

  • Exide Mileage

  • Exide EEZY

  • Exide Gold

  • Exide Xpress

  • Exide Jai Kisan

  • Exide Cabby

  • Two-wheelers battery

  • Exide Xplore

  • Exide Bikerz VRLA

  • E-Rickshaws Battery



2. The brands of Exide:








  • BOSS

  • Hart


  • ₨BOSS

  • ₨MREAD

  • ₨XP

  • ₨T25

3. Tubular solar batteries:

Exide manufactures tubular solar batteries by selectively chosen alloy and high-pressure casting in HADI machines. The features of the battery are:

  • Tested Exide Torr Tubular Positive Plate

  • High performance and guaranteed service by Exide

  • Available in 12V, 6V, and 2V ranges

  • Designated to suit regular deep cyclic duty - Superior Cycle Life

  • Requires ultra-low maintenance

  • Easy to handle and ready to install battery

4. Submarine batteries:

Exide manufactures superior quality and tested submarine batteries. Exide supplies indigenous submarine batteries to the Indian Navy. Exide meets 100% demand of the Indian navy. Exide also exports the batteries with the permission of the Indian Government.

5. Exide also manufactures Genset batteries and Home UPS systems.

The major projects of Exide are:

  • Lead-based alloy for battery grids

  • Development of maintenance-free batteries for both automotive and motorbike applications

  • Development of recombination type maintenance-free batteries  

  • Development low maintenance batteries/cells for solar applications

  • Manufacturing of special batteries for electric vehicle applications 

  • 1997 - Exide Industries opened its fourth factory at Hosur, Tamil Nadu

  • 2003 - Commissioned plant at Bawal, Haryana

  • 2008 - Export plant set up at Haldia

  • 2010 - Increased the shareholding to 100% in chloride alloys India Limited

  • 2013 - Exide Industries acquired 100% of the equity capital of ING Vysya Life Insurance

  • 2018 - Purchased the assets of Tudor India Limited 

  • 2014 - GreenTech Safety Award

  • 2015 - Quality Improvement Award

  • 2016 - Golden Peacock National Quality Award

  • 2017 - Rashtra Vibhushan Award

  • 2017 - Exide received Golden Peacock Award for Sustainability

  • 2018 - CII Productivity Award

  • 2018 - Gold Award from Indus Towers for Technology Support


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