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Castrol India Limited, CIL, is a lubricant manufacturing company. CIL was founded in the year 1911, and its headquarters is in Mumbai. The company is part of Castrol Limited UK. Castrol India is the second-largest in manufacturing automotive and industrial lubricants. Castrol India has five manufacturing plants networked with 270 distributors. The company serves over 70,000 retail outlets. 

Castrol India stock report shows that its shares got the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) listings in 1982. In the same year, the Castrol India company was converted from a private limited company into a public limited company. CIL has listings in the National Stock Exchange, NSE. CIL holds around 20% of the Indian market share of the lubricant market.


  • BP plc. of the UK sold a further 8.53 per cent stake to Castrol India. BP now holds 51 per cent of the stake in Castrol India.
  • Gas value chain alliance with Reliance Industries RIL: This partnership has led to the licensing of petrochemical technologies along with oil and gas trading. The association also leads to channelise IT, procurement, and financial services for global operations.
  • Castrol India has also launched training, staffing, and the recruitment of skilled Indian employees for its global businesses.
  • Digital platforms: Booking of the car services online.


Castrol India Research Report shows all the services offered by the company. 

  • Lubricant: Castrol India has one of the largest lubricant manufacturing units in India. Castrol India markets its lubricants under two brands - Castrol and BP. CIL includes several outlets for serving the consumer: Castrol Bike Points, Castrol Pit Stops, Castrol Rural Outlets, and Castrol Authorized Service Associates (CASAs). 
  • Castrol's advancing low carbon initiative: Castrol adopted the industry in 2019. It focuses on common viscosity lubricants and passenger car oil carbon neutral initiative.
  • Castrol system care: This service includes:
  1. Performance level operation on a fixed fee or cost per unit
  2. Proactive fluid maintenance 
  3. Safe and healthy environment performance management 
  4. 24/7 monitoring makes it possible for proactive system correction to counteract all the imbalances.

Castrol offers multiple services, all backed by liquid engineers. With hands-on industry experience, Castrol lets operations run reliably. Castrol ensures that there is no cutting fluid contamination. Castrol provides optimal maintenance scheduling. CIL also offers a complete package of efficiency-enabling services.

Castrol Product Solution: It includes the following:

  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Lubricants
  • Corrosion Preventives
  • Cleaners
  • Forming Fluids
  • Expert product selection and application advice
  • Initial process set-up to ensure smooth running 
  • Cleanout and changeover support for enhanced cleanliness


Castrol oil includes:

  • Cylinder oils-crosshead
  • crankcase oils-crosshead
  • truck piston engine oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • gear oils
  • compressor oils
  • turbine oils
  • refrigeration oils
  • emulsifiable oils
  • multi-grades
  • heat transfer oils
  • greases, and fishing


Castrol India also takes an active part in the development of its neighbourhood through various CSR programs.

Castrol developed Braycote lubricant for NASA's Mars mission: This lubricant keeps the Mars Rover roving and the International Space Station in its orbit.


  • 2008 - Castrol launched the Marine Bio range. This range was advanced, keeping in mind the environmental performance to help protect ocean life. 
  • 2012 - The Mars mission of NASA was launched by Castrol grease.
  • 2015 - Castrol launched Nexcel. It is an oil change system designed to reduce tailpipe emissions, recycle used oil and simplify oil changes.
  • 2017 - Castrol launched the first bio-synthetic engine oil. It was a combination of 25% renewable plant-based oil.


  • 2018 - CIL got recognition as Overall Supplier of the year by Maruti Suzuki India Limited.
  • 2018 - Castrol India's Silvassa and Paharpur plants were conferred for the 17th Annual Greentech Safety Award.
  • 2018 - CIL has won the Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award for its innovativeness.



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Brands Of Castrol India

Brands Of Castrol India



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