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Balkrishna Industries Limited, promoted by Poddar Family in year 1961, is engaged in the business of manufacturing & selling of ‘Off-Highway Tyres’ (OHT) in the specialist segments such as Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Port, Lawn & Garden Earthmoving, Industrial and ATV (all-terrain vehicles). The company manufactures Off-the-Highway tyres for vehicles in sectors such as agriculture, construction, mining, industrial, and earth moving purposes. The company sells its tyres in more than 160 countries by which it has a strong export presence.


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Balkrishna Industries is a public tire manufacturing limited company. The company was founded in 1987 and headquartered in Mumbai. Balkrishna Industries is the leading manufacturer of off-highway tires. The usage of tires is in mining, earthmoving, agriculture, and gardening.

Balkrishna Industries has a stronghold in the global market also. It caters to North American and European needs and is ranked 41st among the world's best tire makers.  

BalkrishnaIndustries’ annual report reflects Rs. 10.59 billion net income as of the year 2016-17. The trading of BalkrishnaIndustries’ stock is in BSE and NSE. The company also has listings in the MCX stock exchange and Uttar Pradesh Exchange Associate Ltd. Presently, Balkrishna Industries holds a 6% market share of the global off-the-road tire segment. Balkrishna Industries operates as an OEM vendor for many heavy equipment manufacturers like JCB, CNH Industrial, and John Deere. The company manufactures and produces 60-80 BKT tires every year at its five production sites in India. 


  • 2016 - Balkrishna Industries received approval for its wholly-owned subsidiary company “BKTExim" with itself.
  • 2018 - BKT purchased the naming rights of the Italian football second division. The division Serie B will be known as Serie BKT under this agreement for three years.
  • 2020 - BKT signed an agreement with LEP to rename the French football second division. It will be named Ligue 2 BKT for four years.



  • Agricultural Tires

This company caters to the farming contractors and the farmers. The reliable tires of the company play a vital role in farming. The tractor tires include:

  • Ridemax IT 696 - A wide footprint tire for excellent grip.
  • Agrimax RT 765M - This tire is best for several heavy-duty operations such as soil tillage.
  • Agrimax Elos - This tire is designed to perform in wet terrains and is best for paddy.
  • BK 627 - The tire is best for soil tillage operations with implements, machinery and trailers.
  • BK 823 - This tire for the tractors can carry out both tillage and haulage applications in the field and the roads.
  • Commander is an agricultural tire that features a deep tread with strong lug bases for a longer tire life cycle.


  • Industrial Tires

The Company manufactures high-performance tires for loading, excavating, lifting, and material handling.

  • AT 621: This tire is best for loaders and backhoe operations.
  • Con star: This tire is best for compact loaders and telehandlers.
  • OTR Tire: This tire is for mining and construction

The other tires for industrial purposes are Multimax MP 527 and RT 747 AGRO Industrial.

BalkrishnaIndustries manufactures special radial tires that include:

  • Earthmax SR 30, 31, 35, 41, 412 and XL Grip ADT
  • All the tires are well designed for mining and also for off-the-road operations.
  • The tires are best for the trucks used in quarries. 
  • The steel tires are well suited for transport applications also.
  • The tires are well suited for loaders, dozers, and even low-profile dump trucks. The specially designed cut-and-chip-resistant tread compound minimises the puncture of the tires.


  • 2004 - 50% of the electricity needs in North India is achieved by green energy generated by wind energy.
  • The company Underwent 500 tests in its production cycle.


  • 2015 - BKT's Bhuj plant won the SQEP Gold Certification Caterpillar Award.
  • 2016 -  Port Tyre Manufacturer of the Year award at Dubai's Terminal Operator Excellence Awards
  • 2018 - The chairman of Balkrishna Industries, Mr. Arvind Poddar, was chosen for the 2018 Tyre Industry Hall of Fame.
  • 2021 - Tractor of the year award



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Brands Of Balkrishna Industries

Brands Of Balkrishna Industries



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