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Comprehensive Mutual Fund Analysis
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Review of 200+ selected ETFs & Index Funds, Equity, Debt and hybrid Schemes
Explained with multiple tables & graphs
Reviews updated every month
Excellent search engine

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  • Mutual Fund Introduction
  • Mutual Fund Terms
  • Mutual Fund Review Methodology
  • Special Articles
  • Weekly Updates
  • Equity Funds Review
  • Debt Funds Review
  • Hybrid Funds Review
  • Index Funds and ETFs Review


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Unique & Transparent Methodology
Mutual Fund Review Methodology
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Videos for easy understanding of topics
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ? is a knowledge bank where we have done most transparent & comprehensive analysis of various Mutual Funds. We analyze each fund on 20 parameters and rate each parameter with our proprietary Green, Yellow and Red star. This gives you complete transparency on where the fund performs well and where it lags.

Following are its key features –

  1. 200+ selected ETFs & Index Funds, Equity, Debt and hybrid Schemes Reviewed and Analysed
  2. Most Comprehensive, impartial & Transparent Review methodology with review on more than 20 Parameters of each Fund
  3. Rated each fund with unique and Yadnya's proprietary Green, Yellow & Red Star Methodology
  4. Explanation with multiple tables and graphs with expert analysis on each parameter
  5. 50 + Articles on Mutual Fund basics. More being added every week
  6. Mutual Fund basics explained with Videos and Infographics
  7. Excellent Search Engine

Here is a detailed content Index of the portal.

All Equity Mutual Fund, Debt Mutual Funds & Index Funds categories are covered –

  • Equity - Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, Multi Cap, Value Funds, Large & Mid Cap, Focused, Dividend Yield, ELSS and Index Funds/ETFs
  • Debt – Liquid, Ultra Short Duration, Low Duration, Short Duration, Money Manager, Corporate Bond, Medium Duration, Credit Risk, Banking & PSU & Gilt
  • Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid, Conservative Hybrid, Balanced Advantage + Multi Asset, Arbitrage & Equity Savings

Yes, it is updated regularly, weekly updates are published on the portal/ app. and these updates will also be rolled out via emails regularly to the subscribers. Following are various types of updates –

  • Equity Funds, Hybrid Funds, Index Funds & ETFs Review updated monthly
  • Debt Funds updated after every 2 months
  • Various types of reports/analysis related to Mutual Funds updated weekly
  • New articles added related to Mutual Funds
  • New infographics, examples and takeaways

We started reviewing Mutual Funds on our YouTube channel – Yadnya Investment Academy, 2 years back. When we referred reviews done by various other websites we realized, their reviews and methodology was not transparent. They are not telling the reason why they are giving a particular fund 3 or 5 stars or any other star. So, we decided to create a new methodology where we started giving Green, Yellow and Red star on every parameter we review.

Green star means above average performance on that parameter, Yellow means near average performance and Red means Below average performance. Based on these reviews, it became very easy for investor to understand where their fund is performing and where it is not.

Here is a sample review which will help you understand this methodology.

Here are the parameters on which Mutual Funds are reviewed by –

  • Equity Funds
  • Fund Background - Fund House & Fund Start Date
  • AUM (10 Years Trend)
  • Returns - Trailing, Calander, Rolling & SIP (10 Years Trend)
  • Fund Manager
  • Sector Diversification (10 Years Trend)
  • Stock Diversification (10 Years Trend)
  • Expense Ratio (5 Years Trend)
  • Risk Ratio (7 Years Trend)
  • Debt Funds
  • Fund Background - Fund House & Fund Start Date, Fund Manager & AUM
  • Returns
  • Cost - Expense Ratio (5 Years Trend)
  • Interest Rate Risk (5 Years Trend)
  • Credit Risk (5 Years Trend)
  • Hybrid Funds
  • Fund Background - Fund House & Fund Start Date, AUM
  • Returns
  • Fund Manager
  • Expense Ratio (5 Years Trend)
  • Portfolio Diversification (5 Years Trend)
  • Risk Measures (5 Years Trend)


Yes, Mutual Fund reviews are available for free on various websites but these websites do not provide very transparent reviews of the Funds. User doesn’t know why a particular fund has been rated best and other one second best. Also, these websites give you only current data and not the historical trend of various parameters. Here are reasons why it’s worth to pay for -

  1. At MFYadnya, we give reason for each and every parameter and every star we give. Each review is accompanied by inferences.
  2. Data we present is most comprehensive there can be on Mutual Funds. Each parameter discussed it presented with last 10 year data to give you a complete trend on how the performance on that parameter has been and what is the impact of various event on fund’s performances.
  3. All the data is updated every month and the impact of the new data is also discussed in the inference of each review parameter.
  4. We have NO partnership, allegiance or sponsorship deals with any Mutual Fund house. Our reviews are the MOST impartial review in the industry currently.
  5. provides all the important information at one place in both web & mobile format.
  6. At Yadnya, we take pride to present things in the most simple way so that even a new investor or a layman can understand the reviews very well.
  7. We are also planning to bring reviews of Index Funds, ETFs and Debt funds etc. very soon too which will help you understand the whole Mutual Fund landscape very well.
  8. Not just Mutual Fund reviews, portal also gives you lot of other insights into Mutual Fund industry – Example – Most sold stock by particular Mutual Fund house in last month and why ?
  9. Not just reviews, portal also gives complete basics about Mutual Funds.
  10. Advanced Search in the app and portal helps you finding information with lot of ease.
  11. Mobile app helps you quick and offline access to information at your fingertips.

If you invest in Mutual Funds or are planning to invest, is for you. Mutual Funds are long term investments and it is very important that when you invest in a fund, you select with utmost care and make sure it is the best for you. Also, once you select, it is important to review its performance regularly to make sure it remains a right choice for you. If you have any of the below questions in mind, then you need It helps you solve these and many more such financial queries you may have.

  1. My fund’s star was reduced from 5 star fund to 3 star fund last month. Should I sell it?
  2. What is the difference between a 4 and 5 star funds given by various review websites? Should I always choose 5 star funds ?
  3. I am very new to Mutual Funds, where can I get all basics ?
  4. Can I compare different funds in one category?
  5. My fund was more of a small & mid cap fund before, but now is more of a large cap fund. Is it good or bad for the performance?
  6. My fund has expense ratio of 2%, it is good or bad?
  7. My fund is very financial sector focused fund, has it always been like this or fund manager has been bullish on this sector only recently?
  8. Is my fund’s performance better than benchmark consistently in past 10 years?
  9. Where can I find calendar or rolling returns of the fund?
  10. My fund is currently a high risk fund, has it always been like this or is it because of new fund manager?

Selecting a Mutual Fund is not very complicated, important is to see the consistency of the fund’s performance on various parameters and understanding the risk associated with that consistency.




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