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Incorporated in 1968, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is an Indian information technology (IT) services and consulting company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Tata Consultancy Services is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and is the most valuable IT services brand worldwide. The company aims to assist consumers to accomplish their business objectives by providing impeccable IT solutions and services. 

Their network consists of about 50 subsidiaries divided into more than 45 countries like India, Nepal, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, Europe and North America to address all its customer needs. 

The company is listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchange list.


The company was started as Tata Computer Systems in 1968 under the parent company Tata Sons Limited.

Since 2001, the company has left no stone unturned to expand its business portfolio. TCS has acquired distinguished blue-chip European customers Ericsson, IKEA and Hutchison. The merger of Tata Infotech Expanded the company product portfolio. 

TCS entered into a partnership with Supervalu in 2010. Recently, in 2020, Deutsche Bank sold its IT subsidiary to TCS. WTI Advanced Technology Ltd and TCS Business Transformation Solutions Ltd, formerly known as Phoenix Global Solutions Ltd., were acquired by TCS in 2004. This acquisition was followed by TCS emerging as the largest private sector initial public offering in India.


The most profitable Indian Company which overtook reliance industries has an expansive range of products that they offer to their clients through Consulting services and digital transformation services



  • TCS iON

  • TCS optimera

  • TCS Mastercraft

  • TCS Omni store

  • quartz

The company is also in business partnerships with eminent software companies, such as Pega, amazon web services, oracle etc. Tata consultancy services present quicker access to current and efficient drugs for the patients through the TCS ADD platform. 


1974- The first project involving full software development was accomplished.

In 1981, tata consultancy services inaugurated Tata Research and Design Development Centre at Pune, Maharashtra, dedicated to computer-aided software engineering. In 1983, the multinational company acquired its first and largest offshore project Swiss National Bank.

In 2005, TCS entered the bioinformatics market and devised an ERP system for the IRCTC. 

Tata consultancy services signed its largest deal with Transamerica in the year 2018. The fastest growing IT services brand acquired French IT services firm ALTI SA in 2013. 

During the year 2015, they received a quality certification ISO(9001), followed by another quality certification ISO(27001) in the year 2016.


The company earned the company of the year 2018 award conferred by the Canada India business council.

Tata consultancy services received the 2019 American Business Awards from Four Stevies.

TCS Optumera won the Best Application of AI in the Enterprise Category award for helping in optimizing marketing and supply chain arrangements.

Brand Finance recognized the efforts of team TCS and designated them the fastest growing brand of the decade in IT services worldwide. 

The world most valuable IT company received three gold Eventex Awards for its ThisRun campaign.


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