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Borosil Ltd 


The Borosil Ltd share price movements can be tracked easily by those desirous of investing. The Borosil share price India has held steady over the years owing to the company’s performance and strong market position. Founded in 1962, it was a company making industrial and engineering apparatus under the able leadership of Dr. Lele. Borosil Ltd currently operates with two listed entities, namely Borosil Ltd that offers products pertaining to the life sciences and consumer products divisions and Borosil Renewables Ltd which manufactures and retails solar glass. Borosil is patronized by millions of customers throughout India and the rest of the world. Borosil Ltd was integrated in 2010 and is a large cap entity with market capitalization of Rs. 2, 534.97 crore. 

This is reflected through the Borosil share rate in the market. It functions in the glass sector and Borosil turnover for the quarter ending 31st March, 2021, was consolidated total income of Rs. 189.22 crore. This Borosil Ltd turnover was lower by 10.47% as compared to the previous quarter. The Borosil limited turnover touched Rs. 211.36 crore in the earlier quarter in question. At the same time, Borosil revenues were Rs. 141 crore in the same quarter last year. Hence, Borosil limited revenues aside, the company still posted net profits of Rs. 18.44 crore after tax in the latest quarter. As the Borosil share price chart will indicate, the company has 11.41 crore shares outstanding.


1962- Borosil starts as a public limited company for acquiring existing industrial and engineering apparatus business. The name comes from the key product category, i.e. borosilicate glass

  • 1963- Corning Glass Works, USA joins as technical and financial collaborator. 

  • 1964- Corning attains majority shareholding. 

  • 1970- Famous Vision Glass introduced as first consumer product, becoming the country’s most recognized glass. 

  • 1981- Post Government of India directive, all products now retail under the Borosil brand name. 

  • 1988- Corning sells entire shareholding to company promoted by Kheruka family. 

  • Gujarat Borosil, a subsidiary, is formed for producing architectural glass, with capacity of 230 tons per day. The facility is in Bharuch, Gujarat. 

  • 1993- Company turnover doubles/triples and profit doubles in 5 years. 

  • Borosil launches Borosil International, a range of imported consumer glassware. 

  • 2000- Borosil launches microwave utensils. 

  • 2008- Vyline Glassworks sets up manufacturing facility at Bharuch for consumer and laboratory glassware. 

  • 2010- Gujarat Borosil sets up India’s first and sole solar glass production line with 180 ton per day capacity at Bharuch. 

  • 2013- Gujarat Borosil launches anti reflective coating for solar glass. Vyline sets up another facility in Tarapur, Maharashtra. 

  • 2014- Gujarat Borosil produces first antimony free solar glass in the world. 

  • 2015- Borosil diversifies lineup of products, including smaller kitchen appliances. Labquest launched for entering laboratory instruments division. 

  • 2016- Acquisition of Hopewell Tableware Pvt Ltd at Jaipur, controlling interest in Klasspack Pvt Ltd at Nasik and entry into pharmaceutical packaging category. First glass lunch box launched. 

  • 2017- Gujarat Borosil makes first completely 2 mm solar glass in the world. 

  • 2018- Vyline Glassworks Ltd and Hopewell Tableware Pvt Ltd merge with Borosil Ltd. 

  • 2019- Borosil Technologies Limited set up for research, design and development of lab equipment in Hinjewadi. 

  • 2020- NCLT approves composite scheme of amalgamation and arrangement. Trading of equity shares commenced for Borosil Limited from 22nd July, 2020 on BSE Limited (Bombay Stock Exchange) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) Limited. 


Borosil is the country’s most reputed manufacturer and brand of glassware since the year 1962. It is synonymous with heatproof glassware and a market leader for Indian consumer glassware as well. Over half a century of market expertise in solar glass and specialty glass along with rolled glass is what makes the Borosil Renewables Limited entity a pivotal part of the Group. 

Klasspack Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s foremost manufacturers of Glass Ampoules along with Tubular Glass Vials, used widely as primary packaging material for life-saving drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical entities. Borosil Technologies Limited is a Borosil subsidiary in Pune with the mandate for researching, developing, designing and introducing laboratory equipment as part of the LabQuest brand. 


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