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SVP Globals


The structure squares of SVP Global were laid in 1898. With a 100+-year-old inheritance, the organization is one of the main compact cotton yarn makers on the planet. With 200+ long stretches of involvement with the textile business, the organization houses a profoundly talented labour force and supervisory group, which have a solid spotlight on automation and innovation. By using best-in-class machinery sourced from worldwide pioneers, they achieve high-level productivity and output. SVP Global has modern and automated manufacturing units are situated in Oman and India. They have an aggregate manufacturing capacity of 4,00,000 shafts and 5,900 rotors that produce the best cotton compact yarn. Their continuous developments in Oman will additionally expand their ability with an extra 1,50,000 shafts and 3,500 rotors. The organization is worked with by a solid dissemination network that builds up their essence in immensely significant worldwide business sectors. A portion of the nations they export to are China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Portugal, Turkey, Europe, and the U.S.A.


SVP Global has 9 fully-owned subsidiaries of their own out of which the first 5 are Indian, and the other is foreign subsidiaries.

1. Shrivallabh Pittie Enterprises Private Limited

 2. Shrivallabh Pittie Industries Limited 

3. Platinum Textiles Limited

4. SV Pittie Industries Pvt. Ltd. 

5. Shrivallabh Pittie Textiles Jnalawar Pvt. Ltd 

6. SV Pittie Sohar Textiles (FZC) SAOC 

7. SV Pittie Trading (FZC) LLC 

8. SV Pittie Global Corporation 

9. SVP Textiles PLC 


The organisation has owned a diversified and glorified antiquity of businesses in Finance, Retail, Textile, and Real Estate. Nevertheless, the principal focus of the group is thoroughly in the Textile industry.

SVP global industries are engaged in the business of manufacturing polyester, polyester & cotton blend.

They are one of the biggest makers of Compact Yarn worldwide, and an assortment of premium quality yarns compensate for their item range. They incorporate 100% Cotton Combed Compact/Non-Compact Yarn, 100% Cotton Carded Compact/Non-Compact Yarn, 100% Cotton Open-end Yarn. 


  • 2012 -Company has changed its name from Scenario Media Ltd. to SVP Global Ventures Ltd.

  • At Oman, SVP set up a 30,000 sq ft authorised training centre for women, including experiential education through advanced textile machinery for Women in Oman – with about 1,000 Omani women undergoing training, a first of its class to ensure employment upon fulfilment of the curriculum.

  • SVP Global Ventures has now begun on its most extensive initiative yet: the company is establishing up textile production plants in Rajasthan, at the RIICO Industrial Area in Dhanodi, District of Jhalawar.

  • SVP Global Ventures achieves Rs 5000 cr Order Book.


  • SVP has attained all-around appreciation for training and employing more than 1,000 Omanis. 

  • The second-largest producer and exporter of textiles and apparel globally with a share of 5% of global trade has registered an increase in the export of 3%, from US$ 39.2 billion during the year 2017-18 to US$ 40.4 billion in the year 2018–19. 

  • SVP global made history by manufacturing fabric for the world by the first batch of 305 Omani women.


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