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Associated Alcohols & Breweries


Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited is a distillery company that was started in Calcutta in July 1989 & commenced business in August 1989 and took over Associated Distilleries in April 1990. It is involved in the manufacture of alcoholic liquor. It runs through the Potable Alcohol segment. It is also involved in the business of bottling vodka and Scotch whisky for international brands. It also launched a grain-based alcohol plant to decrease dependence on molasses. 

It exports IMFL to Russia and has currently entered into a preliminary MoU with Scottish Independent Distilleries to manufacture and market its brands. It has chalked out ambitious plans to enlarge its manufacturing capacity. It has also attained an 87% equity stake in Kedia Breweries which is setting up a brewery and an IMFL plant in MP. During 1995-1996, it has undertaken a Modernization plan of the distillery unit by the installation of 50000 LPD distillation plant along with utilities and effluent treatment plant. It has also considered diversification plans towards power generation plantation and infrastructural development.


Associated alcohols & breweries ltd is involved in the business of bottling vodka and scotch whisky for large reputed international brands. It is also one of the only liquor companies bottling single malt scotch whisky (Glen Drummond) for the leading liquor group Mason & Summers. It has ten line bottling operations in two different segments. It packs about 45,000 cases monthly and has a production capacity of around 42 million liters annually (MLPA).


Associated alcohols & breweries Ltd has for long been recognized as one of the finest suppliers of high quality ENA in the Indian market.


  • In 1989: The company was started on 7th July as a public limited company at Calcutta and on 31st August, it has acquired the Certificate for Commencement of Business.

  •  In 1990: It took over M/s. Associated Distilleries, a partnership firm from April. It was involved in the manufacture of potable alcohol with an installed capacity of 270 LLPA. It is also the leading supplier of country liquor to the Government of Madhya Pradesh.  It manufactures and sells Rectified spirit and Extra Neutral Alcohol in loose form to other manufacturers in the country.  

  • In 1993: 3277400 shares were held by promoters.

  • In 1994: 32,62,200 shares issued through prospectus. It offered 32,57,500 equity shares of Rs. 10 each at a premium in December.  The turnover amounted to Rs 36.76 cr. as against Rs 19.27 cr. in the previous year despite disturbances in production necessitated because of the expansion cum modernization program undertaken.

  • In 1995: The turnover amounted to Rs 34.92 cr. The profitability was affected because of the decrease in the sale price of products and the rise in input cost. It undertook the modernization of Distillery unit by the installation of 50,000 LPD distillation plant along with utilities and Effluent treatment Plant.

  • In 1996: The installation of a 50,000 LPD distillation plant was finished. The turnover increased to Rs 39.85 cr. The overall performance of the company was affected because of the higher finance cost and the additional burden of taxation despite the reduction in production cost and other overheads.

  • In 1997: The performance of the company was satisfactory.  Exports were affected because of the adverse international market conditions.

  • In 2008: It has proposed a dividend @ 3% on paid up share capital of the Company.


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