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GM Breweries 


G.M. Breweries Limited (GMBL) was established in 1981 by Shri. Jimmy William Almeida. GMBL manufactures and markets alcoholic beverages including IMFL (Indian-made Foreign Liquor) and CL (Country Liquor). Jimmy Almeida is revered as the first to offer high-quality country liquor for the masses with good taste and affordable pricing. GMBL is the biggest country liquor manufacturer in Maharashtra with a considerable market share and a dedicated base of customers. It also contributes sizably to the State Exchequer through taxes and excise duty. 

GMBL unveiled its IPO (initial public offering) of shares in September 1993. The shares are listed currently on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). The company has a dedicated base of shareholders who have been rewarded with continuous dividends every year post the public issue. GMBL has its cutting-edge and completely automatic bottling plant in Virar, Thane District, Maharashtra with the capacity to produce 50,000 cases per day. The company commenced with the production of 200 cases per day and this has now increased to this considerable figure. Almeida is also credited with introducing 180 ml bottles for the CL segment and pet bottles alongside. 

GM Breweries share prices have reported handsome gains over the years with demand exponentially rising for GM Breweries stock. GM Breweries share price history is influenced by its position as a small-cap entity with a market capitalization of Rs. 933.89 crore in the beverages-alcoholic sector. Shareholders have received consistent GM Breweries dividends with GM Breweries turnover standing at Rs. 490.30 crore in standalone total income for the quarter ending 31-03-2021, indicating growth in GM Breweries Ltd turnover by 323.37% from the same quarter last year which was Rs. 115.81 crores. The company has posted net profits post-tax at Rs. 45.34 crore in the latest quarter under review. 


GM Breweries stock prices have zoomed owing to the success of its popular brands in the Indian market. They include G.M. SANTRA, the leading and highly prestigious blend crafted from the premier distilled molasses-based rectified spirit of multi-pressure vacuum distillation plant. It is blended with the finest orange flavours preferred by customers for the aroma and organoleptic taste. It has dominated at the number 1 position amongst CL (country liquor) makers over the last 12 years in Maharashtra State. Gas Chromatography Analysis is used for maintenance of consistency of Blend/Product. 

G.M. Doctor is a prestigious brand crafted from a neatly distilled vacuum distillation plant. It has a balanced blend with sugarcane juice flavour and a highly bodied taste and flavour. It has dominated the market over the last 25 years. G.M. Limbu Punch has lime and lemon flavours with rectified spirit quality from the MPVD plant. It is a cocktail for those who consume foreign liquors. G.M. Dilbahar Sound offers a superior blend of extracted and finely distilled rectified spirits and Anise flavours along with other spices and herbs offering freshness and smoothness along with a sweet taste. 


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