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Tilaknagar Industries is the former The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited was promoted in the year 1933. It was then involved in the manufacture of sugar and allied products. Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Ltd. was promoted as a 100% subsidiary of The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. Both Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. and Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Ltd have been merged to create Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. with effect from August 6, 1993. 

It is one of the well-known Indian Made Foreign Liquor players including brandy, whisky, gin, rum and vodka with existence across India. Since then the company has been involved in the business of manufacture and distribution of spirit and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). The Dahanukar family continues to be the promoter of Tilaknagar Industries sharing the same vision and values of the founders. The company swiftly established its distinct identity in the liquor industry because of its core competency in alcoholic beverages and conscious efforts.


  • Tilaknagar Industries has got approval for the merger of Vahni Distilleries with itself. 
  • Tilaknagar Industries Ltd, which manufacturers Indian Made Foreign Liquor, has attained Srirampur Grains Pvt Ltd and P.P. Caps Pvt Ltd.


Tilaknagar industries is a leading manufacturer of liquor across the main categories such as Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Gin, & Vodka. It has a market-leading position in the western and southern parts of India.

  1. Whisky
  • Senate Royale Whisky
  • Mansion House Whisky
  • Senate Whisky
  • Shot Whisky
  • Classic Whisky
  • Royal Choice Whisky
  • Hottt Silk Whisky
  • Castle Club Whisky


  1. Brandy
  • Mansion House Brandy
  • Courrier Napoleon Brandy


  1. Rum
  • Savoy Club Rum
  • Royal Choice Rum
  • Madira Rum


  1. Vodka
  • Classic Vodka
  • Castle Club


  1. Gin
  • Savoy Club Dry Gin
  • Royal Choice Duet Gin


  • Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. received the Gold shield by ICAI for Excellence in Financial Reporting.
  • Received Prestigious CSD Award.


  • In 1967: The Company was started on 18th December under the name of Maharashtra Radio & Electronics Ltd. It was promoted by Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd., as its completely-owned subsidiary to carry on the manufacture of transistor radios and television sets. It took over the non-sugar activities & properties of the Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. because of the recessionary trend in the electronics industry.
  • In 1973: The Company's object is to create Indian-made foreign liquor country liquor, chemicals, sugar cubes, industrial alcohol, confectionery, & more.
  • In 1975: It undertook to launch a chemical division at Tilaknagar initially for the manufacture of alcohol-based chemicals. It undertook the modernization of the distillery plant. The installation of a new analyzer and rectification columns along with necessary balancing equipment in the chemical division neared completion. After having brought diethyl oxalate under licensing regulation of the Industries Development and Regulation Act, the Government allowed the company to manufacture 250 tonnes annually of diethyl oxalate. Steps were taken to attain the licensed capacity.
  • In 1981: 63,320 shares were issued to the public (prem. Rs.10 per share).
  • In 1982: It concluded an arrangement with a Nagpur distillery for bottling by them the company's "MASTERS" range of IMFL products.
  • In 1983: The "CLASSIC" extra fine whisky which was introduced in the previous year met with good demand. It also set up "MANSION HOUSE" range of whisky, brandy and gin produced under the technical advice of B.V. Utomji, Holland.
  • In 1984: Production of country liquor fell but turnover was higher because of the upward revision of country liquor prices.
  • In 1986: It concluded 3 more similar bottling arrangements to effectively meet the demand for the company's products and the new units commenced production during the year.
  • In 1987: Though the turnover of the potable liquor division increased to Rs.6.35 crores, the profitability of the division was adversely affected due to the introduction of new duty at Rs.1.50 per B.L. for transfer of alcohol from the distillery to the portable liquor plant and the country liquor plant. 
  • In 1989: A new brand of whisky "RED STRIPE WHISKY" was launched. 2,75,000 rights equity shares issued for cash at par in proportion 1:2.
  • In 1991: A Bio-Mechanisation plant for primary treatment and disposal of distillery effluent was being installed. It had reached an understanding with Altair, France, for manufacture of `Courier Brandy' in their distillery, subject to the approval of the Government of India, RBI and other authorities. The French collaboration will be offering technical know-how, supply necessary plant and equipment, train the company's technical personnel in France and permit the company to use their brand name `Courier Brandy' for domestic and export sales. 
  • In 1992: It had given on lease its glass bottle manufacturing unit to Ramnath Glass Containers Pvt. Ltd. for 10 years.
  • In 2010: It has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 2:1
  • In 2012: It set up Seven Islands Vintage - Single Malt Scotch Whisky in London".
  • In 2014: Tilaknagar Industries attains IFB Agros IMFL business". 


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Brands Of Tilaknagar Industries

Brands Of Tilaknagar Industries



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