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Why HDFC Group Stocks are Underperforming? What should the Investor do?

Published on 06 July 2021 .Views 337 .Comments 1
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What can be the reason behind the fall of HDFC Group stocks, and what should the investors do in these situations?

Introduction: HDFC Valuation, HDFC Analysis & HDFC Company

Recently the stocks of HDFC Group are seen underperforming from its peers as well as from the market. The HDFC group stock is a consistent compounder in the long run, but it is tagged as an underperforming stock due to recent sluggishness. The market has seen sluggishness in the stocks such as HDFC Bank, HDFC Life, HDFC Ltd., etc.

Reasons for the underperformance: HDFC Stock Price, HDFC Group Share Price & HDFC Share Price

  • When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the Institutional Investors look for companies with robust fundamentals only.

  • At that time the all the Stocks of HDFC Group we trading at a premium valuation. This made the stocks reach more premium values than before.

  • But now, when the situation is getting better, the Institutional Investors are looking for severely hit companies to get more returns.

  • Those investors allocated the funds to other companies in the short term, leading to underperformance in the stock.

What should investors do? 

  • These stocks are proven as consistent compounders in the long term, and their performance should not be judged in a short period.

  • There are two types of corrections in the stocks based on their valuations:

  1. The companies which are overvalued face price corrections that can be seen as a sharp fall in value over time.

  2. The companies with premium valuations experience time correction in which the stock will trade around the same price over some time.

  • This time correction is happening with the stocks of HDFC Group stocks currently.

  • If a person prefers long-term investing, this small sluggishness should not be a major concern.

Conclusion: HDFC Analyst report & HDFC Annual Results

These small-time corrections are widespread in stocks with premium valuations. Long-term investors should not be too concerned with the small concerns as they have consistently outperformed their peers on the longer horizon. However, do Consult a financial advisor or do proper research and advisory before making any investment decisions.

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