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Tata Power is the largest integrated private power utility. It has an installed capacity of ~14 GW. The company is present across the power value chain from generation to transmission and distribution. Part of Tata group, Tata Sons & Tata Steel hold ~47% & ~1% stake as a promoter respectively. Apart from this, LIC also holds ~8% stake in the company. The core function of Tata Power is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. The company began its journey in 1910 as Tata Hydroelectric Power Supply Company. Coastal Gujarat Power Limited was formed to implement the Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant having five units of 800 MW each. Maithon power limited is the company’s 74% joint venture with Damodar Valley Corporation operating the Maithon project having two units of 525 MW each. The Powerlinks transmission Ltd operates a 400-kilo volt transmission line from Bhutan to Delhi. The company also holds 30% and 26% stakes respectively in two coal mining companies in Indonesia.


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Tata Power Company, based in Mumbai, is India's largest integrated power company. It is part of the Tata Group. The core function of Tata Power is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. The company began its journey in 1910 as Tata Hydroelectric Power Supply Company. Tata Power was India's first company to ship more than 1GW Solar Modules in February 2017.

Tata Power Company is operating in 35 locations in the country. The business has expanded overseas in South Africa, Indonesia, and Middle East nations. Tata Power has a generation capacity of 12742MW with 5 Million distribution consumers.

Tata Power Stock Chart reveals its listing in the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and 12 other stock exchanges. Tata Power's latest business integrated solutions focus on mobility and lifestyle.


In August 2020, Tata Power merged with Tata Power Solar Systems (TPSSL), Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), and Af-Taab Investment Company (Af-Taab). 

In January 2012, the company completed a 51% stake in Odisha DISCOMs. Tata Power has confirmed its acquisition of Western Electricity Supply Company (WESCO) and Southern Electricity Supply Company (SOUTHCO). Both companies are based in Odisha.

The aim is to provide a reliable, affordable, and quality-oriented power supply to the consumers.


  • Power Supply: Tata Power has over 2.6 million satisfied consumers in selected cities of the country. The company aims to provide uninterrupted power supply and beyond the reading meter services to its consumers. The company's latest value-added services have simplified the process of booking for the new connection, payment of bills, and registering any complaints.
  • Solar Rooftops: With 24*7 remote monitoring and real-time service support, Tata Power has installed the world's largest Solar Rooftop at Cricket Club of India in Mumbai. 


India's largest Solar Carport, 2.67MW, has been built in Cochin Airport.

  • Solar Modules and Cells: Tata Power offers bankable tier-1 solar modules to multiple customer segments. The customers will get the benefit of a range of configurations, power outputs, and module sizes.
  • Solar Pumps: They provide Submersible Water Pumps and Surface Water Pumps. The water pumps can support various functions, including field irrigation, potable water supply, and drawing underground water.

They have also started the mission, GO GREEN. Their mission is to pledge to save energy and natural resources. They educate the masses to opt for solar panels, active citizenship responsibilities, and many more through the online classroom.



Tata Power Company is among the most recognised and respected companies in the world. The company received several prestigious awards, such as:

  • 2018 - Tata Power Solar won the Global Performance Excellence Award
  • 2019 - In Tokyo, Japan, Tata Power has conferred the Gold Award at International Convention for Quality Concepts
  • 2020 - Won the Gold Award for "Rooftop Solar EPC Company of the Year."



  • 2013 - Implemented India's first 4000 MW Ultra Mega Power Project in Gujarat.
  • 2015 - The first cross-border Hydro Power Project of 126 MW was launched under UNFCCC's Clean Development & Machingum initiative at Dagachhu in Bhutan.
  • 2016 - Tata Power completes 100 years of service and operations.
  • 2017 - Tata Power completed the construction of the 187 MW Hydro Project in Georgia. 
  • 2018 - Launched a comprehensive solar rooftop solution across India.
  • 2019 - Collaboration with AES and Mitsubishi Corporation. The aim is to power up South Asia's most extensive Grid-Scale Energy storage system in India.
  • Tata Power Annual Report: The 100th annual report shows the Operating Revenue at Rs. 29,493 crore in FY19, compared to Rs. 26,430 crore in FY18.


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Brands Of Tata Power Company

Brands Of Tata Power Company



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