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Good News for Infoedge Shareholders Why Infoedge Stock is Going Up?

Good News for Infoedge Shareholders Why Infoedge Stock is Going Up?

Published on 08 July 2021

Here is a piece of good news for the shareholders of InfoEdge. Read this blog to know about this good news and what Investors should do?


The stock of the company InfoEdge is going up with the news of the listing of Zomato in the stock market. Zomato has a very well-established market and it is expected to be listed as a large-cap company. The valuation expected in the market is around $8 billion which is approximately Rs. 56,000 Crores to Rs. 60,000 Crores.


InfoEdge – Zomato:

  • The IPO size of Zomato was Rs. 8,250 Crores of which Rs. 7,500 Crores will be a fresh issue but now InfoEdge has decided to sell only Rs. 750 Crores from its stake.
  • Now the size of the IPO for the company will be Rs. 7,875 Crores in which Rs. 7,500 will be fresh issue and Rs. 375 Crores are for OFS.
  • InfoEdge has decided not to sell more in the company as they as seeing a good potential for long-term growth.
  • The price of the IPO is expected to be around Rs. 70.
  • Last funding by the private equity investors was around Rs. 55 to Rs. 60, where valuation was around $5-$6 billion.
  • The Grey Market Premium is running at Rs. 15 which sums up to around 20% up.
  • The company InfoEdge has invested in Zomato at the price of Rs. 1.16 and now the returns are more than 60 times.



An aggressive investor should look at the stock of InfoEdge as due to any negative sentiments in the company or the funded start-up, the stock of InfoEdge will become volatile. If anyone wanted to invest in a start-up, InfoEdge is one way to indirectly be a part of it. Follow due diligence before making any investment strategies.

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