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BIOCON Earnings Call Highlights - BIOCON Valuation | Invest Yadnya

Biocon Earnings Call Highlights Q4 FY21 | Yadnya Investment Academy

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Financial Performance Quarter 4: BIOCON  Valuation, BIOCON Company, BIOCON  Analysis, BIOCON Analyst Report & BIOCON Annual Results

  • Revenue Growth for the quarter increased by 26% from 1621 Cr to 2044 Cr Year-on-year basis.

  • Revenue from Operations increased by 18% at 1839 Cr, driven majorly by 53% exponential growth in biosimilars business.

  • Gross R&D @12% of revenue being 136 Cr other than Syngene due to higher spending in novel biologics, biosimilars, and generics.

  • Net profit for the quarter stands at 257 Cr.

  • Valuation Gain due to ceding control of Bianca is 160 Cr

  • EBITDA margin excluding Bianca Valuation Gain stands at 26% compared to 24% Year on Year basis.

  • Core EBITDA Margin excluding Bianca Valuation Gain stands at 32% as against 29% Year on Year.

  • Net profit from continuing operations for the quarter declined to 97 Cr from 132 Cr last year.

  • Net profit margin excluding Bianca Valuation Gain declined from 8% to 5% in current quarter Year on Year basis.

The fiscal Year 2021 - BIOCON Stock Chart, BIOCON Stock Review, BIOCON Stock Market & BIOCON Share Value

  • Total Consolidated Revenues grew to ₹7,360 Cr, up by 14% compared to ₹6,462 Cr the previous year.

  • Revenue from Operations stands at ₹7,106 Cr, up by 13%.

  • Gross R&D spend stands at ₹627 Cr during the year, corresponding to 13% of revenues excluding Syngene.

  • Gross R&D spend increased 19% in FY 2021 from 527 Cr to 627 Cr compared to the previous year.

  • Forex loss of ₹9 Cr compared to a gain of ₹65 Cr in the previous year.

  • Growth in EBITDA at 8% for the year being ₹1,907 Cr.

  • EBITDA margin excluding Bianca Valuation Gain stands at 24%, in contrast to 27% last year.

  • Core EBITDA Margin excluding Bianca Valuation Gain stands at 32% against 33% in the previous year.

  • Net profit margin excluding Bianca Valuation Gain declined to 8% from 12% in the previous year.

Revenue by segments - BIOCON  Value Research

  • Biosimilars have shown exponential growth in revenue of 53% in the 4th Quarter YOY basis. 21% growth has been reported as compared to the previous year, 2020

  • Generics Business has shown a tad bit of revenue growth of 3% in revenue on a quarter 4 YOY basis. However, the overall growth of 6% has been shown in the financial year as well.

  • The research business has shown revenue growth of 8% in Quarter 4 YoY basis. Overall Growth of 9% has also been recorded in the fiscal year.

Management Updates: 

  • Shreehas Tambe, former COO of Biocon Biologics promoted to Deputy CEO.

  • Sushil Umesh has been appointed as CCO of emerging markets

  • Indranil Sen has been appointed as CFO

Other Updates: BIOCON Share Price India, BIOCON Dividend, BIOCON Stock Price & BIOCON Share Price History

  • The company has Received Market Authorization approval from European Commission for both biosimilar Insulin Aspart and biosimilar Bevacizumab developed in cooperation with Viatris

  • USFDA Approval has been granted in Generic Business for Everolimus used to treat renal cancer & rejection of organ transplant

  • Biocon has entered into a partnership with Libbs Farmaceutica in Brazil for diversification of Generics Business.

  • Syngene, the research business, has extended collaboration with BMS till 2030. The new agreement includes a 40% increase in scientists and an additional 50,000 sq. ft. of dedicated laboratory space.

  • In Q4FY21, Biocon ceded control over the Board of Directors and Operations of Bicara Therapeutics Inc. to operate independently under a US-based leadership team and raise funds to advance its development programs. As a result of this change, Bicara was classified as an Associate from a Subsidiary under IND-AS.


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