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TVS Motor Company is the 3rd largest 2-wheeler manufacturer in India. It produces an extensive array of 2-wheelers from mopeds to racing-inspired motorcycles. It also manufactures 3-wheelers. It has an annual production capacity of four million two-wheelers & 120000 3- wheelers. It is one of the leading 2-wheeler & 3-wheeler exporters from India distributing to over sixty countries.

It has four plants situated at Hosur & Mysore in south India, in North India, in Himachal Pradesh, & in Indonesia. TVS Motor’s strength lies in the design & development of new products such as the latest launch of seven products on the same day. It delivers total customer satisfaction by anticipating the requirement of customers. This in-depth allows it to introduce quality vehicles at the right time & the right cost.


TVS Motor Company has acquired the entire stake in TVS Motor Services Ltd through which Non-Banking Finance Company TVS Credit Services Ltd will become the subsidiary of the company. TVS Motor Company, a reputed manufacturer of 2-wheelers & 3-wheelers, declared the successful acquisition of Britain's most iconic sporting motorcycle named Norton.


TVS Motor Company has been regularly occupied in producing an impressive range of two-wheelers that have captured the hearts of very generation & segments of the society. Here is the list of its commendable initiatives:

        TVS 50: India's 1st two-seater 50 cc moped

        TVS Scooty: India's 1st indigenous 100 cc variomatic scooter

        TVS Fiero: India's 1st 150, cc 4-stroke, motorcycle

        TVS Victor: India's 1st 110, cc 4-stroke, indigenously designed & manufactured motorcycle

        TVS Centra: A world-class, 4-stroke,100 cc motorcycles fitted with revolutionary VT-i engines for best in class mileage

        TVS Star: A 100 cc economical motorcycle, ideally suited for rough terrain

        TVS Apache: Named Bike of the year


     Received CII–ITC Sustainability Awards


     Received the Deming Prize - the world's most prestigious & coveted recognition in Total Quality Management.


     Received Technology Award for the successful commercialisation of indigenous technology for TVS Victor from the Ministry of Science, Government of India   


     Got Asian Network for Quality Award


     TVS Scooty Pep got the prestigious 'Outstanding Design Excellence Award'


     Got Progressive Manufacturer 100 Award


     Received TPM Excellence Award 


     Received The 'Good Advertising' award


     Received SAP ACE AWARD 2007 for Customer Excellence in the Most Innovative Net weaver Category.


     Got TEAM TECH 2007 Award of Excellence for Integrated use of Computer-Aided Engineering Technologies.


     In 1980: TVS Motor set up India’s first two namely seater 50cc moped & TVS 50.


     In 1984: The two-wheeler became the 1st Indian company to introduce 100cc Indo-Japanese motorcycles.


     In 1994: It set up India’s 1st indigenous scooterette namely TVS Scooty, a 100cc model.


     During 1996 – 97: It set up India’s 1st catalytic converter-enabled motorcycle namely the 110cc Shogun. It also set up India’s 1st 5-speed motorcycle.


     In 2000: It set up TVS Fiero, India’s 1st 150cc, 4-stroke motorcycle.


     In 2001: It set up TVS Victor, 4-stroke 110cc racing-inspiredich is India’s 1st fully indigenously designed & manufactured motorcycle.


     In 2004: It set up TVS Centra which is a world-class 4-stroke 100cc motorcycle with revolutionary VT– I engine for best in class mileage. It set up TVS Star which is a 100cc motorcycle ideal for the rough terrain.


     During 2005-06: It set up its Indonesian plant & TVS Apache.


     In 2009: TVS scooty Streak & TVS Flame SR 125 were set up.


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