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Atul Auto was established as a private limited company in 1986 & converted into a public limited company in 1994. It has launched its plant at Shapar (Rajkot district), Gujarat, with financial assistance from GSFC. It has attained a turnover of Rs 168 crore. It produces diesel three-wheelers such as 6-seater auto-rickshaws and pick-up vans for the local transportation of passenger vehicles’ goods & chassis. These vehicles are sold under the brand name Khushbu.

Its 6-seater Diesel Auto Rickshaw with a steering wheel is used for local passenger traffic while Pick-Up Vans for local transportation of goods, groceries, & more in the urban or semi-urban centres. Its passenger vehicles, well-known as CHHAKDAS, are useful for passengers’ movement from one urban/rural centre to another for distances up to 100 km. It has recently set up Diesel Mobike in the market under the brand name of FUZI vide the envisaged expansion cum diversification program. The improvements in technologies were made from time to time to form it a sturdy & comfortable vehicle.

The prototypes of the proposed Diesel Two Wheelers are developed by the Company that has 4 strokes, Diesel Air Cooled 350 c.c., C.I. Engine, maximum Horsepower of 6.4 H.P. It has already acquired Certificate for compliance to the Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules (CMVR) & Roadworthiness Certificate from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune - a Research Institution of the Automotive Industry, Government of India. Atul auto share price is moved up by 0.39% from its previous close of Rs 180.25. Atul auto stock last traded price is 180.95


Atul Auto Ltd has acquired a stake in Scooters India in 2010


Here is the list of services provided by Atul Auto Ltd:

  1. Goods Carriers

        Pickup Van Standard

        Delivery Van

        Pickup Van High Deck

        Pickup Van  Standard CNG

        Delivery Van CNG

        Pickup Van  High Deck CNG

        GEM Cargo / Cargo XL


  1. Passenger Carriers

        3+1 Passenger Carriers

        4+1 Passenger Carriers

        6+1 Passenger Carriers

        CNG Passenger

        LPG Passenger

        Rear Engine Passenger

        GEM Paxx


  1. Special Purpose Vehicle


        Water Tank Carrier

        Soft Drink Carrier

        Mobile Shop



        Vegetable Vending


Atul Auto Ltd has got CNBC Award.


     In 2005: It set up its three-wheeler models using CNG & LPG as fuel.


     In 2007: It has been selected at position No 7 among India 1st Small & Medium Business TOP 500 Awards & Conclave by the INDUSTRY 2.0


     In 2009: It has set up its new series of 3-wheeler Rickshaw under the brand name 'ATUL GEM' with two variants such as ATUL GEM CARGO -XL (load vehicle) & ATUL GEM PAXX (passenger)


     In 2011: It has tied up with Atul Autos Bangladesh Ltd, Uttara, Bangladesh.


     In 2012, it entered into a Long Term Supply Agreement with Greaves Cotton Limited to supply diesel engines for the company's 3-wheelers.


     In 2013: It set up a new three-wheeler product under brand GEMINI-Dz & diesel-run auto-rickshaw Gemini DZ.


     In 2016: It has set up Electric Three-Wheeler (Green Vehicles)


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