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Power Grid Corporation of India was incorporated in 1989 to set up transmission lines. The company moves electricity from power generation companies to load centres and across regions. The company is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Power. The company carries ~45% of the power generated across India. The company owns and operates a transmission line network of 1,68,000 circuit kilometres and 253 substations with a transformer capacity of over 4,25,000 mega volt-ampere.


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Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is a Maharatna Company. It is headquartered in Gurugram and was incorporated in the year 1989. Power Grid is engaged in power transmission. Power Grid is accredited to transfer 50% of India's total power generation on its transmission network.

Power Grid is known to handle the power management for National Grid and also the state transmission utilities. POWERTEL is a telecom business operated by Power Grid. The transmission network of the Power Grid consists of roughly 1,53,635 circuit KM and 243 EHVAC. 

Power Grid Corporation of India Stock listings is in National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and MCX Stock Exchange. Power Grid has been a listed company since 2007. Power Grid undertakes the overall development of the areas and communities in its vicinity. The company provides better health, education, drinking water, and infrastructures such as roads and community centres.



Power Grid has several Joint Ventures:

  1. Powerlink Transmission Limited: Power Grid has a joint venture with Tata Power Limited that holds 51% shares. The venture is associated with Tala HEP in Bhutan.
  2. Torrent Power Grid Limited: This joint venture with Torrent Power Limited is linked with a Transmission system associated with an 1100 MW Sugen generating project at Surat.
  3. Power Grid also has joint ventures with Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited, Teesta Valley Power Transmission Limited, and NTPC.
  4. Power Grid has 20 subsidiaries across the country.



Power Grid provides various services to the country that include:

  • Power Grid is a network for delivering electricity to consumers. Power Grid includes individual consumer lines and is inclusive of generator stations, transmission lines, and towers. The company also takes continuous action regarding operation and maintenance to ensure compliance with prescribed standards. Power Grid provides an uninterrupted power supply to the consumers.
  • Power Grid is the Internet provider, and Internet leased lines, tower space with reliable power supply. The major telecommunication service providers, defence, autonomous bodies, public sector enterprises, multinational corporations, educational institutions, and internet service providers are customers.
  • Smart Grid facilitates efficient and reliable renewable energy sources through a two-way delivery system from source to sink. 
  • Power Grid provides transmission-related consultancy to over 150 domestic clients and 25 clients globally with a footprint in 20 countries.
  • Telecom: Power Grid operates as a neutral carrier in the point-to-point bandwidth leasing business.
  • Green Energy Corridor: Envisaged in the 12th plan as part of Green Energy Corridor, a comprehensive project for integrating renewable capacity addition. 

Power Grid, since its inception, has paid immense emphasis on research and development. The organisation adopts emerging technology and upgrades the technologies for the improvement of system reliability and availability.



  • 2016 - Successfully commissioned the second Indo-Bangladesh Link and Indo-Nepal Cross Border Link
  • 2015 - National Transmission Asset Management Centre (NTAMC), Manesar was declared to the nation.
  • 2014 - Silver Jubilee of Power Grid as a leading transmission utility in the country.
  • 2013 - Power Grid accomplished the country's mission of 'One Nation' – 'One Grid' – 'One Frequency' with the commissioning of 765kV S/c Raichur–Solapur transmission system.
  • 2012 - Power Grid received an international credit rating from Standard and Poor's and Fitch Ratings.



  • 2018- Gold Certificate for the best CSR practice awarded by the Haryana Government
  • 2019- Third prize in the best annual report Category was awarded by SCOPE
  • 2019- Winner of PMI India Awards for its contribution to the improvement of rural livelihood.
  • Power Grid once again retained its position as the fastest-growing electric utility in the Asia Pacific.


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Brands Of Power Grid Corporation Of India

Brands Of Power Grid Corporation Of India



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