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ITC Tobacco Business Analysis: Stock Review | Investyadnya Stock Article

ITC Ltd - Tobacco Business Analysis

Published on 30 June 2020 .Views 237 .Comments 0
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ITC Ltd - India's biggest Cigarette company. How do they fare in this business?

ITC Ltd - Tobacco Business Analysis

ITC Ltd - Tobacco Business Analysis

ITC Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate company and has a diversified presence across industries such as Cigarettes, FMCG, Hotels, Packaging, Paperboards & Specialty Papers and Agribusiness. ITC cigarette market share accounts for around 85%, making it a market leader in India’s cigarette business. Thus, making ITC Ltd company the best tobacco business company.

ITC Pvt Ltd Analysis: ITC Business Portfolio

This video provides a detailed analysis of the ITC Tobacco Business. As mentioned in the video, around 85% of ITC’s earnings, before interest and taxes, comes from the cigarette business. Moreover, ITC cigarettes constitute about 42% of the revenue mix of the company.  Through the video, you can understand the business challenges and opportunities available to the company. It can be incurred that a hike in taxes was subjected to the cigarette industry. However, the ITC tobacco company shifted the tax burden on the customers by increasing the prices, thus seeking the advantage of cigarettes’ inelastic demand. The video showcases a fall in the ITC cigarette revenue due to the nationwide lockdown, which impacted the sales volumes. You can check out the stock-o-meter feature on our website to know about the financials, ratios & ratings of ITC & other companies.

Moreover, the video provides a light on the positive aspect of all factories being operational. Thus, giving an edge to the company over its competitors. The video also provides an understanding of the potential availability of new markets & a possible increase in sales volumes.

Make A Viable Investment Decision With ITC Business Model Analysis

The users will get a thorough understanding of the company’s operations & revenue. Moreover, investors will understand the processes & functioning of the tobacco business in India. This will help the existing and potential investors to make a viable investment decision. The investors will get an insight into the challenges and opportunities of the company. Through the video, the investors can infer that the lockdown might positively impact the company’s sales and revenues and not only negatively. Through the video, the users will understand the latest market openings and a potential increase in the company’s sales. Also, the investors will get a comparative analysis offering a detailed study of the ITC competitors in India, concerning areas like revenue, operations, sales etc.

All in all, an in-depth analysis of the ITC tobacco business is provided to influence the investment decision of existing and potential shareholders of ITC limited multinational conglomerate company.

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We have numerous other resources on ITC Limited. Check Out ITC Q1 & Q4 Result Analysis. Also, check out Part 1 & Part 2 of the Detailed Stock Analysis & Review of ITC Ltd. For an in-depth analysis of ITC Company Limited, we have offered an e-book on ITC - Company Analysis.

For more of such quality content, check out InvestYadnya.

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