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Kilpest India, established in 1972 by Sh. R.K. Dubey is currently a leading Agro based company. The company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company and later converted to a Public Limited Company. The company produces about fifty biofertilizers, micro fertilisers, biopesticides and pesticides. The company has been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange since 1996.

Kilpest Company profile has deep representation in the field of the agriculture business. It deals with products ranging from public health, crop protection, and bio-products. Kilpest limited company is a reliable, reputed seller to several government organisations. The company has a countrywide distribution network comprising more than 2000 dealers.

An ISO certified company, Kilpest India manufactures products to the highest standards with strict quality control from raw material sourcing to finished product despatch. The Kilpest business model produces several products that are exported to other countries.

Kilpest market cap is at Rupees 468 crores and the Kilpest quarterly result analysis brings forth that the stock is trading more than 20 times its book value. Kilpest management has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout making it almost debt free.


Kilpest India Limited is set to merge the subsidiary with itself and rename the new venture as 3B BlackBio Dx Ltd.  As per the valuation report dated September 2020, the share exchange ratio is set at 8.33: 1, where they will be issued only to existing shareholders of 3B BlackBio other than Kilpest.  The shares held by Kilpest will be cancelled post amalgamation. As per the research reports, Kilpest multibagger has excellent potential.


Kilpest India manufactures pesticides, fertilisers, and other agro-based products. Initially set up as a small-scale unit with single product manufacturing, it has expanded to become a medium scale venture with several products.  The company now aims to scale its operation by increasing installed capacity, product range. It seeks to take up industrial grade raw material manufacturing in its portfolio.  

3B BlackBio Biotech India Ltd., a subsidiary of Kilpest India, is entrusted with designing, developing, manufacturing, and commercialising PCR-based molecular kits, PCR Reagents and more.  

Kilpest manufactures crop protection chemicals consisting of Fungicides, micro fertilisers, Insecticides and Herbicides etc.



As per Kilpest India research report, Kilpest India ltd. Has several prestigious orders from the Government for supplying pesticides to be used in the mosquito control programme.


Kilpest India launches Novel Biotech Indo Spain JV project at Bhopal MP.


An analysis of the Kilpest limited company profile has highlighted the following achievements:


Kilpest India Limited subsidiary 3B BlackBio Biotech India Limited becomes 1st Indian company to get US FDA - EUA for SARS-CoV-2 Testing on Saliva Specimen.


Kilpest India Limited subsidiary 3B BlackBio Biotech India Limited signs an exclusive distribution agreement with HS Biolabs for the UK.


3B Black Bio Biotech India Ltd., which was a subsidiary, won the National MSME Award -2018 By the President of India.


3B Black Bio Biotech India Ltd. was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award to recognise excellence in R & D through technology by FMPCCI, Bhopal.


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