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Indiabulls real estate stock prices over the years

India bulls real estate is one of India's leading property companies focusing on both residential and commercial properties. Incorporated in 2006, this company's primary focus rests on constructing and developing residential, commercial and SEZ projects across the country, in metropolitan areas. It has also expanded its projects globally, such as in London. The company has a net worth of Rs 7090 crore with a gross development value of Rs 30130 crore. 

All its projects are being carried forward with a value of 5 billion dollars in global currency value with their projects being focused on commercial spaces like offices, and residential areas with the land area being approximately 7730 acres. In 2014, they purchased a property in London that has a value of 1550 Crore. 

The real estate agency mainly focuses on those segments such as operating revenue, income from the real estate development projects and so on. In the year 2021, their consolidated total income was reported to be at 381.25 Crore and had their net profit marked as 5.65 Crore for that quarter. 

Over the years, the indiabulls real estate stock price has seen lots of highs and lows with the expectation of growth in the returns in the near future. You can also consider investing in ibreal share price right now. 


Indiabulls real estate share price today

As of May 2022, the indiabulls real estate share price is at Rs 86 which is 3.70% low than the previous ibreal share price. The 52-week high is at 195.90 and the 52-week low is at 75.85. The upper limit for the share is at 107.15 and the low is at 71.45. The market capital of the company is at 4.64T Cr and the P/E ratio is at 198.83. 

The stocks of the company have a steady growth rate and there is potential to receive beneficial returns if one were to invest in these ib real estate share. 

According to Indiabulls real estate latest news, the company through share prices of Rs 101.10 equities was responsible for being able to raise capital of Rs 865 Crore and they have been open for trading as of April 18, 2022. Indiabulls real estate has a target price of Rs 189 and its current market price stands at a value of 169.7 according to records. Indiabulls housing real estate share price plunges at a rate of 8.6% according to reports after facing a loss of Rs 87.21 in the third quarter. 

The indiabulls real estate limited floor price is at 106.38 for which a discount of 4.96 was applied it to a final rate of Rs 101.10. The company witnessed investment from new investors at around 50% and the growth has been exponential. The capital investment has helped the company greatly and is expected to render opportunities for further growth on a rapid scale. Thus for anyone wanting to buy ibreal share can expect great benefits through the stocks.        

India bulls real estate share price today is expected to see a growth of 11.04% at +8.55 in about a year which suggests a good return benefit rate. The statistics show that Indiabulls real estate share is expected to show an improvement over time so you can wait for better results for a long-term investment plan. India bulls real estate share price has been based on an undervalue which suggests that the stocks of this company can make a good buy. 

You can get a good deal of the ibrealest share price from any brokerage firm that is registered or any online portal. The market fluctuations are prevalent at any time so make sure to do enough research before purchasing stocks. 


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Brands Of Indiabulls Real Estate

Brands Of Indiabulls Real Estate



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