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The Company is one of the leading NBFC players engaged in the business of Financing. It has its base established in Retail, SME, Home Loans Financing. With one of India’s strong parentage of Bajaj, the company is considered as having the most strong corporate governance with strong leadership. Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL) and Bajaj Securities Limited (BSL) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Bajaj Finance.


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Bajaj Finance Ltd was formerly known as Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd that was started on March 25, 1987, as a private limited company. It was registered as a Public Limited Company on 24 September 1988. The name of the company was changed to Bajaj Finance from Bajaj Auto Finance on 6 September 2010. 

It is one of the most significant Non-Banking Financial Corporation in India that offers consumer durable loans, lifestyle finance, digital product finance, personal loans, loan against property, small business loans, home loans, credit cards, two-wheeler and three-wheeler loans, construction equipment loans, loan against securities. Rural finance comprises gold loans and vehicle refinancing loans along with fixed deposits and advisory services. 

Bajaj Auto Finance registered with RBI as a Non-Bank Company on 5 March 1998. The RBI classified Bajaj Auto Finance as an Asset Finance Company. Bajaj Auto Finance came out with an initial public offer & was listed on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and & NSE (National Stock Exchange of India) in 1994-95. 

It has set up various branches in several locations throughout the country to provide many finance schemes. Bajaj Finserv Limited, a parent company, possesses 57.28% of the total shares & has a controlling hold up in the subsidiary.


Here are the services provided by Bajaj Finance Ltd:

  • Consumer Finance: It includes durable finance, lifestyle finance, digital product finance, personal loans, home loans, EMI card, two-wheeler and three-wheeler loans, extended warranty, retailer finance, E-commerce, & Co-branded wallet.
  • SME Finance: It includes loan against property, home loans, gold loans, lease rental discounting, business loan, working capital loan, developer finance, used car finance
  • Commercial Lending: It includes loan against securities, vendor financing, financial institutions lending, light engineering finance, warehouse finance, & corporate finance
  • Investment: It includes fixed deposit & mutual funds


  • Got FAAA rating from (CRISIL) Credit Rating and Information Services India, reflecting the highest safety level of depositors' money.
  • Accorded with a P1+ rating from CRISIL. 
  • CNBC Indian Business Leader Awards
  • Ranked 9th among the 'Top 25 Best Large Workplaces in Asia' 2019
  • Received Mint Corporate Strategy award
  • Got Outlook Money award in the category of NBFC


  • During 1995 – 1996: Bajaj Finance Ltd accomplished its 1st Real Estate Project for Nayan Co-operative Housing Society Ltd at Pune. 
  • During 2003- 2004: It has entered into the financing of Personal Computers.
  • During 2005- 2006, it launched Loan Shoppes, intending to enhance its direct marketing activity and brand awareness. 
  • During 2007- 2008: It has launched new product lines/extensions. I also set up IPO financing for high net worth customers attainment of AAA-rated securitization transactions, personal loan cross-sell program to their existing customers & financing for personal computers to SMEs. 
  • In 2015: Received certificate of registration from the National Housing Bank to commence housing finance business. 
  • In 2017: It has agreed with One Mobikwik Systems Private Limited. It also declared the set up of an exclusive OEM co-branded card - LG Bajaj Finserv EMI card that will allow customers to purchase each LG product at no cost EMI option across every LG format. 


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Brands Of Bajaj Finance

Brands Of Bajaj Finance



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