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Bajaj Finance Results Analysis: Q1 Result Update|Investyadnya Stock Article

Bajaj Finance Q1 Results update & Analysis (Free)

Published on 22 July 2020 .Views 27 .Comments 1
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Bajaj Finance Q1 Results update & Analysis

Bajaj Finance Limited, a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv, is a Non-Banking Financial Company. The company deals in Consumer Finance, SME and Commercial Lending, and Wealth Management.

A detailed Bajaj Finance Results Analysis is provided in the video. It not only focuses on yearly results but also gives significant importance to quarterly result analysis. Through the video, it can be incurred that the profitability of the company has gone down, as expected, however certain improvement is expected in the coming quarters. The video discloses the Assets under Management figures of the company, for both year-to-year and quarterly results. Further, other factors like interest income, fee & other income, net interest income, total income and operating expenses of the company are also analysed in the video. Moreover, the operating profit, based on the pre-provision profit of the company is measured, for annual as well as quarterly analysis. Further, the video discloses the provisions set aside for loans & losses and COVID-related expected business losses of the company. Bajaj Finance financials including profit before tax, tax incurred and net profit is also discussed in the video. For an in-depth understanding, you can check the stock-o-meter feature available on our website for various ratios, financials, charts etc of different companies & industries.

Furthermore, the video highlights the New Loan Book added by Bajaj Finance, offering it a high potential growth in the coming quarters, in terms of fee-based incomes. Further, the future growth opportunities of the company are analysed, due to the strong retail and corporate deposit ratio of the deposit mix, reflecting strong creditworthiness of the company. The video also reflects the figures of the Moratorium Book of the company.

The users will get an in-depth analysis of Bajaj Finance financial performance. A detailed analysis of the Bajaj Finance results is provided to the investors while comparing annual as well as quarterly results. Moreover, the Bajaj Finance Loan Book is analysed for the last few quarters, signifying a fall in growth, due to the lockdown which caused a deterioration in the business operations. The users will also get significant insights into the management commentary of the business. A growth potential, due to the launch of the Loan Book is forecasted in the video. The investors will get an understanding of the cross-selling opportunity & Flexi-loan opportunity that is available to the company, due to a large existing customer base. Furthermore, insights into the liquidity management of the company are provided, through which the cost of excess liquidity is identified. Moreover, investors will get an understanding of the strong image built by the company through a strong deposit mix, despite a fall in interest rates.

All in all, through the Bajaj Finance financial report, it can be analysed that the management of the company is successful in controlling the cost. Thus, as per the commentary from the management, the company is expected to turn the challenges to opportunities, further, increasing their operating profit margins.

Thus, with a strong capital positioning and creditworthiness, the Bajaj Finance stock should be on your radar.

Our website offers other resources for a detailed analysis of Bajaj Finance Securities. Through these videos- Bajaj Finance Ltd Latest Update, Bajaj Finances short update, Bajaj Finance Review etc, get a deeper understanding of the company. This is also a part of our Model Portfolios, through which you can get an insight into the optimal asset allocation process. Get a thorough analysis of the company through our e-book on Bajaj Finance Ltd-Company Analysis. Check out InvestYadnya for more of such content.

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