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Yes Bank FPO Analysis

Yes Bank FPO Review (Free)

Published on 14 July 2020 .Views 10 .Comments 0
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About Yes Bank

Yes Bank is one of the best well known private banks in India. It was established in 2004 by Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur. It offers corporate banking, personal banking, & internet banking services, including accounts, deposits, credit cards, etc.

Yes Bank FPO Analysis: A Detailed Review Of Yes Bank FPO Subscription

This video offers a detailed analysis of the Yes bank FPO Subscription. This video is divided into four parts; Objectives of Follow-on Public Offering (FPO), Yes Bank FPO Details, Current Financials situation, further, providing the conclusion. This video provides the figures of Capital Adequacy Ratio and CAR Requirement Mandated by RBI for Yes bank, year wise. Moreover, how Yes bank can meet its capital adequacy ratio is highlighted in the video. Yes bank FPO details are discussed comprehensively in the video, where visitors will get the figures of Yes bank’s Issue Size, Face Value, Price band, Lot Size etc. 

Further, the fall in the Yes Bank CASA book is discussed in the video. The video provides figures of the Yes Bank loan book for FY20 as well. Thus, providing a detailed overview of Yes Bank FPO status. You can check out the Yes Bank FPO Update, along with the Yes Bank share price, on the stock-o-meter feature of our website.

Make A Viable Investment Decision With Yes Bank FPO Review

The investors will get a thorough analysis of Yes Bank's financial position. The figures for Gross NPA and Net NPA of the bank is also provided in the video. This video helps the investors to understand how they can avoid the risk in the stock investment. The offer of the stock price on Yes Bank FPO allotment is discussed. The visitors will get a detailed report of Yes bank performance. Thus,  a thorough Yes bank FPO review is offered, which will enable the investors to get a clear picture of the private bank. 

All in all, this video offers a detailed Yes Bank IPO review with all the available data & financials. Thus,  with a thorough review of Yes Bank FPO Listings & Yes Bank FPO Results, the investors will make a viable investment decision. 

Invest Yadnya’s Other Resources For Detailed Stock Analysis

Our website offers multiple resources on Yes Bank. You can check out our stock articles on 5 Point Analysis of Yes Bank Stock, Should I Buy or Sell or Hold Yes Bank & many more. Multiple resources are also offered for the private banking sector, like Quantitative Analysis of 10 Private Banks based on Q3FY21 results.

Make all your investment decisions with us, as we offer quality financial advice. For more of such quality content, check out Invest Yadnya.

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