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Top 10 Housing Finance Stocks - Quantitative Analysis

Top 10 Housing Finance Stocks Quantitative Analysis

Published on 16 September 2020 .Views 115 .Comments 1
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We analysed 10 Housing Finance Companies on 20 parameters. This video will give you a very good idea about Housing Finance Sector.
1. HDFC Ltd
2. Aaavas Financiers
3. PNB Housing Finance
4. LIC Housing Finance
5. Canfin Homes
6. Repco Home Finance
7. GIC Housing Finance
9. Dewan Housing Finance
10. India Bulls Housing Finance

Top 10 Housing Finance Stocks Quantitative Analysis

Indian Housing Finance Analysis

A detailed quantitative analysis of Top 10 Housing Finance Stocks is provided based on various parameters. Numerous housing finance companies are compared & performance is measured based on multiple financial parameters. These housing finance companies include HDFC Ltd, LIC Housing Finance, Aaavas Financiers, PNB Housing Finance, Can FIn Homes, Repco Home Finance, HUDCO, etc. 

Housing Finance Sector Stocks: Outlook & Detailed Analysis

A comprehensive quantitative analysis of housing finance companies is evaluated based on 20 parameters. This video will also help you screen out the good companies out of the list of housing finance companies in India for investment purposes. Moreover, the price to earnings ratio of top 10 housing finance companies in India 2020 is discussed here in the video. It can be observed that Indiabulls housing finance is the number one company in terms of price to book ratio. While evaluating different housing finance companies, it can be interpreted that Return on equity is considered one of the main factors in assessing the companies’ ranking.  It can be identified that stronger the return on equity, the higher the companies will rank. Further, it can be seen that HDFC ltd. is ranked as no. one company based on ROE. As per the video, it can be incurred that HDFC Ltd. & Indiabulls Housing stocks should be on investor’s radar. 

Make A Viable Investment Decision With Top 10 Housing Finance Stocks Quantitative Analysis

The investors will get a thorough fundamental analysis of India’s housing finance industry in 2020 with this video. The users will understand various housing finance fundamentals, like Price to Earnings Ratio, Price to Book Ratio, Return on Assets, Institutional Holdings, Net profit, Net Interest Income, etc. A comprehensive housing finance companies list is provided, whereby a detailed financial analysis is offered. Also, the 5 years sales & 3 years sales chart is discussed here in the video. Both the positives & negatives of the top housing finance companies in India are discussed in the video, which will enable the investors to get a clear picture of the housing finance companies stock. The lack of covid provisions is a significant drawback for some housing finance stocks since this medical crisis is causing a major financial crisis, which may be alarming in the coming times. 

All in all, through this video offering the housing finance industry analysis, the investors will be able to make a viable investment decision. 

Invest Yadnya’s Other Resources For Detailed Housing Finance Stocks Quantitative Analysis

Our website offers multiple resources on housing finance companies in India. You can check out our stock article on Housing Finance Companies (Comparison of 7 companies) for a detailed analysis.

Make all your investment decisions with us, as we offer quality financial advice. For more of such quality content, check out Invest Yadnya.

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