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Shriram Transport Finance Company Analysis | Investyadnya Stock Article

Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd - Stock Analysis

Published on 20 June 2020 .Views 23 .Comments 0
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Shriram Transport Stock Analysis 
1. Q4FY20 Result analysis compared to last quarter and last year
2. Covid impact on Shriram Transport Finance
3. Key Indicators - NIM, AUM, ROCE, ROE etc.

Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd - Stock Analysis

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited is India’s most significant player in commercial vehicle financing. This financial company has a niche presence in financing pre-owned trucks & small truck owners. Incorporated in 1979, Shriram Transport Finance Company is the flagship company of the Shriram group.

Shriram Stock Analysis: STFC Share Analysis

This video provides a detailed analysis of Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd. Due to the emergence of the pandemic, many businesses have been impacted. Thus, this video provides an in-depth analysis of pre-COVID & post-COVID scenarios, thus, providing a series of analysis of the pandemic affecting its growth. The video provides insight into Shriram Transport Finance Financials, offering figures of Asset Under management, Interest Income, Interest Expenses, Net Interest Income, etc. Moreover, as per Shriram Transport Finance Financial Results, an increase in operating expenses and Loans, losses, and provisions can be seen, which can be concerning. Through the video, it can be incurred that the formation of the COVID provisions had led to an increase in the Company’s loans, losses & provisions. The profitability growth aspect without COVID has also been discussed. The Asset Under Management Mix of the company has also been specified, marking a rise in used car financing which is a positive sign.

Make A Viable Investment Decision With Shriram Transport Finance Stock Analysis

Various ratios of the company have been discussed, including Net Interest Margin, Cost to Income Ratio, return on assets, Return on Equity & Capital Adequacy ratio. You can check out the stock-o-meter feature on our website to know about the financials, ratios & ratings of STFC, including Shriram Transport stock price. Besides, an increase in Gross & Net NPA is experienced. Also, it is discussed that around 70% of the company’s loans by value are under Moratorium, which is not a positive sign.

The users will get an in-depth understanding of Shriram Transport Finance Stock Analysis. They will gain an understanding of the financial standing of the company through an insight into the company’s financial statements & ratios. The investors will get to know the rising uncertainties amid COVID through the study of the key indicators. Moreover, the users will get an insight into the risk management strategies adopted by the company, namely Capital Preservation, Balance Sheet Protection & Controlling Overheads. All these three factors have been discussed thoroughly in the video for a better understanding of the users.

Invest Yadnya’s Other Resources For Detailed Stock Analysis

The potential investors will get an understanding of the bifurcation of the shareholding pattern of the company. The company’s financial standing is also analyzed through the study of some key financials, including various ratios, market capitalization figures, share price movement, promoter’s holding, etc. Thus, offering a true financial image of the company through a detailed analysis & valuation.

All in all, it can be incurred that these unprecedented times have caused major damage to good financial companies.

Besides STFC Ltd, we also offer other videos on stock analysis of Bajaj Finserv Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra, IDFC First Bank, Escorts Ltd & many more. For more of such quality content, check out InvestYadnya.

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