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Escorts Ltd - Stock Analysis Free Video

Escorts Ltd - Stock Analysis Free Video

Published on 09 May 2020 .Views 89 .Comments 2
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Important Topics discussed in the video -
1. Q4Fy20 Performance
2. Tractor Industry performance & market shares
3. Volume & Value growth
4. EAM, ECE & RED comparison
5. Complete Financial Analysis

About Escorts Ltd.

Escorts Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate and automotive engineering company that operates in Agri-machinery, construction machinery, material handling, and railway equipment. It has played a pivotal role in the agricultural growth of India for over five decades.

Escorts Business Analysis: Escorts Performance

The video offers a detailed analysis of Escorts Limited. The Escorts stock is rated based on 5 parameters. The business model of the multi-product company is thoroughly discussed. The distribution of the three businesses is discussed: Agriculture Machinery, Construction Equipment & Railway Equipment. Escorts Revenue Mix across these three businesses is analysed. Each business segment is individually analysed based on various parameters.  It can also be observed that the agriculture business is stronger than the other businesses of the company.

Escorts Financial Performance: Segment-Wise Performance

Moreover, the performance of various company tractors is also studied in the video. It can be observed that the company focuses on meeting the requirements of its customers with their innovations. Further, the company’s strategic alliances & global acquisitions are discussed & thoroughly analysed in the video. The benefits of such joint ventures for Escorts are talked about deeply in the video. The figures of domestic market share, revenue, material cost, manpower cost, for Escort is discussed.

Furthermore, the EBITDA, PBT, PAT & Net Profit figures can be seen & analysed in the video. Escorts Market share is also analysed for the previous & present financial year. Escorts segment-wise performance is analysed based on volume, market share, revenue share, EBIT, ROCE, etc. Further, the ROCE, ROE & D/E ratio figures of the company are analysed over the financial years. You can check out the company’s financial statements & quarterly results, along with Escorts Ltd share price, on the stock-o-meter feature.


Make A Viable Investment Decision with Escorts Stock Review

The investors will get a detailed Escorts stock analysis. They will get to know the growth of the industry & different segments of the Escorts business. The investors will gain deep insights into the prospects & key drivers for the Indian tractor industry. A detailed distribution of the market share in Escorts & its competitors’ tractor industry is thoroughly observed. Further, the users will get to know about the strategic collaborations’ financial institutional investment & benefits. The users will get to know the covid reforms for the agriculture sector & the impact of these reforms on the company.

Moreover, Escorts key opportunities & risks are thoroughly studied for investors. A thorough
Escorts fundamental analysis is provided to the investors. Further, the state of corporate governance for the company is analysed. The figures for the shareholding pattern & promoter holding are also offered. In the end, Yadnya’s green, yellow & red star rating is marked based on 5 parameters, i.e., Company, Sector, Financials, Valuation & Corporate Governance. Check out the video to get to know Escorts stock rating.

Invest Yadnya’s Other Resources for Detailed Stock Analysis

Our website offers multiple resources on Escorts Ltd. You can check out our paid stock article on Escorts Detailed Stock Analysis.

Make all your investment decisions with us, as we offer quality financial advice. For more of such quality content, check out Invest Yadnya.

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