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Good News for ITC Shareholders- ITC Stock | Yadnya Investment Academy

Good News for ITC Shareholders- ITC Stock | Yadnya Investment Academy

Published on 22 April 2021 .Views 172 .Comments 0
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ITC has launched its E-store recently and has arrived in the e-commerce space as well which is expected to be a very positive sign for the company. Want to know more about this ITC E-Store, read this article.


FMCG giant ITC has launched its E-Store to promote its entire range of packaged goods. Although this E-Store was its Pilot Project initiated in the Year 2018-19, now they have done a full-fledged launch. ITC has adopted it as its Marketing Strategy move to showcase its multi-range of products and build a new customer base as well.

Advantage of E-Store:

  • Through this E-Store, ITC may push their range of FMCG Products that the company manufactures.
  • Also, in the Normal Distribution Channel, every store may not carry all the products of ITC. Hence in this case E-Store will help to meet the demand of the customers.
  • In the current market situation, the Organized Retail player is also trying to come up with its brands like Reliance Retail which is giving big challenges to FMCG giants like ITC, HUL, Nestle, etc. And hence, such FMCG Companies are coming with such initiatives like E-Store in the case of ITC.
  • Further, ITC has launched this E-Store at a very opportunistic time as it is the time of the revival of lockdowns caused due to the second wave of Covid-19. At this point, normally customers from Urban & Rural Areas generally prefer Online Shopping and sticks with big brands.
  • ITC will also be able to present its many products which are almost unknown to normal consumers and hence this online portal will help the company to advertise its uncommon brands as well.
  • This Marketing Strategy of ITC may also result in an increase in sales for the company in the future.
  • Margins are high on online channels in comparison to traditional distribution channels.
  • Through online mode, Company will be able to get the consumers’ data regarding their likes and dislikes for products and hence will be able to data analytics for every customer and push forwards required products before the user.

Incentives on E-Store:

  • ITC E-Store is offering free delivery for Orders above Rs. 750.
  • Also, They are offering a discount of 10% for Orders above Rs. 1,500.


By the launching of this E-Store, ITC has made entry into the e-commerce segments as well. This Step is a very positive sign for the company but the effect of this step will take some time to work favorably for the company as well as shareholders.

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