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Tejas Networks is an optical, broadband and data networking products company based in India. The company designs, develops and sells its products to telecom service providers, internet service providers, utilities, security, and government entities. Its products are Wireline (Optical Transmission, Broadband Access, Secured Ethernet Switches); Wireless products [4G-LTE RAN (Radio Access Network) for Fixed as well as Mobile broadband].


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Tejas Networks Limited is an expertly overseen organization. Tejas Networks Limited plans to create and sell superior execution and cost-cutthroat systems administration items to telecommunications service providers, internet service providers, utility companies, defense companies and government substances in more than 70 nations. Tejas items use programmable programming characterized equipment design with a typical programming code-base that conveys consistent redesigns of new highlights and innovation norms. Tejas Networks is positioned among the top-10 providers in the worldwide optical accumulation portion and has documented north of 349 licenses. 

During the end of the fiscal year 2008, the organization got ISO 9001:2008 and TL9000-H accreditation.

The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and

National Stock Exchange lists. 

Mergers and Acquisitions


In 2021, Tata Group firms made an open proposal to get up to a 26% stake in homegrown telecom gear firm Tejas Networks.


The association has 4 auxiliaries:-

Tejas Communication Pte. Ltd (TCPL), 

Tejas Communications (Nigeria) Ltd,

 save Energy Private Ltd and 

Tejas (Israel) Ltd.



Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd provides a broad scope of services like:-

  • Carrier Ethernet Routing, 
  • Switching, 4G/LTE based Wireless Broadband,
  •  OTN/DWDM, PTN, 
  • xPON-based Fiber Broadband Access &
  • Converged Packet Optical.

  Tejas likewise has items made on 10G-PON innovation, and its hardware are upgradable to 5G



In 2000 Bangalore, Procured an order from TATA Power Company Ltd.

In the year 2007, the organization received Carrier Ethernet certification from Iometrix, certifying TJ100MC.

In the fiscal year 2011, Tejas network ltd secured a request from Bharti Airtel Limited for a 3G rollout in different circles.

In 2016, Tejas network ltd was Recognized as a Two Star Export 

In the year 2017 the company secured request for establishment, dispatching and upkeep of GPON gear for NOFN project


Awards and Recognitions

In 2006, Tejas network ltd was honored with the CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award from the Council for Industrial and Scientific Research.

In the fiscal year 2011,the said company Received the Aegis Graham Bell Award.

In 2016, Tejas network ltd was proud to get the National Award from the Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology.

In the year 2017, the most creative Product Award from the IESA was added to the shelf of awards and recognitions for Tejas network Ltd. 

In the financial year 2021, the company was awarded the IEEE Bangalore industry award.


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Brands Of Tejas Networks

Brands Of Tejas Networks



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