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State Bank of India is the largest state-owned banking & financial services company in India established in 1955. In 1955, India nationalised the Imperial Bank of India with the RBI taking a 60% stake & the name was changed to State Bank of India. It operates in 4 business segments such as Treasury Corporate/ Wholesale Banking Retail Banking and other Banking Business.

Apart from the banking services, it offers a range of financial services through its subsidiaries, including life insurance, merchant banking, mutual funds, credit card, pension fund management and primary dealership in the money market. It is the country’s oldest bank and a premier in terms of balance sheet size, the number of branches, market capitalisation and profits. 


        In 2008, SBI merged the State Bank of Saurashtra. After 2 years, SBI also merged with State Bank of Indore.

        The board of SBI earlier accepted the merger plan under which SBBJ shareholders will get 28 shares of SBI (Re 1 each) for every 10 shares (Rs 10 each) held.

        SBI had accepted separate schemes of acquisition of State Bank of Hyderabad & State Bank of Patiala.

        SBI acquired 48.2% of the shares of Yes Bank as part of RBI


SBI provides given below services to the customers:

        NRI Services

        Personal Banking

        International Banking

        Agriculture / Rural

        Corporate Banking


        Government Business

        Domestic Treasury


     Received Innovation in Customer Data Management


     Received award for change management for managing large scale IT projects.


     Received Asia’s Best CSR Practices Award


     Received Asian BFSI Awards


     Received India’s Most Ethical Companies Award


     Received Asian Green Future Leadership Awards


     Received Golden award for being among the two most trusted banks in India


     In 2001: Started the SBI Life Insurance Company.


     During 2005-2006, set up SBI e-tax, an online tax payments facility for direct and indirect tax payment. It has also launched centralised pension processing.


     During 2007-2008: Set up 965 branches all over the country. Also launched a new product Construction Equipment Loan to cater to construction companies. It has found new products such as SBI Reverse Mortgage Loan and SBI Home Plus in Home Loans.


     During 2008-2009:


        Set up Import factoring a new product in association with SBI Factors & Commercial Services Ltd.


        Launched 3 new products such as SBI Special Home Loan, SBI Happy Home Loan and SBI Lifestyle in response to India’s stimulus package.


        Set up e-invest for the applications supported by blocked accounts to assist investors for their equity subscriptions IPO and Rights applications.


     During 2009-2010: Launched SBI Loan to Affluent Pensioners' enabling the government pensioners to avail personal loans up to Rs 3 lakh. It also created a special package the Defence Salary Package for the 3 Armed Forces personnel such as the Army Navy and Air Force who maintain their Salary accounts.


     During 2010-2011: Launched two new products, namely 'Pushpa Ullas' and 'Arthias Plus' on a pilot basis. It has also set up its 'Green Channel Counter' at select branches across the country.


     In 2012: Set up virtual debit cards to check online fraud and promote e-commerce.


     In 2014: Set up new digital Online and self-service banking solutions with support from Accenture.


     In 2015, set up a RuPay Platinum debit card in association with India’s National Payment Corporation.


     In 2016: Declared that it has sold 5% stake in National Stock Exchange of India Limited constituting 22.50 lakh equity shares of NSE to Veracity Investments Limited.


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Our website has information about 12 other Public Bank Companies that give insight into its financials. Companies include Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank Of India, Bank Of India, Central Bank Of India & many more.


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