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Union Bank of India is one of India’s largest state-owned banks, which was started on November 11, 1919.  It also has an international existence with four overseas branches at Antwerp (Belgium), Hong Kong DIFC (Dubai), & Sydney (Australia). It operates a business in the United Kingdom through its wholly-owned subsidiary Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd. Various innovative products are developed using the technology platform to provide a range of customers’ choices, adding speed, & convenience to transactions.

It provides corporate/Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, Treasury Operations, cash management services depository services, merchant banking, online trading in securities, and clearing bank services. It is the 1st largest public sector bank in the country to have executed 100% core banking solutions. It has got various awards & recognition for its expertise in technology, financial inclusion, digital banking, & the development of human resources.


Two banks that are Corporation Bank & Andhra Bank were amalgamated into Union Bank of India. After this, it becomes the 4th largest bank in terms of the branch network.


        Personal banking: It provides products and services in saving, deposit, retail loans, cards, insurance, investment, and Demat facility.


        NRI Banking: It provides an array of services & products in saving, remittance, deposit, loans & payment to its NRI customers.


        Corporate Banking: It provides E–Tax, CMS, trade finance, insurance products & loans to its corporate clients.


     Received IT Excellence Award for Best IT Team

     Received special Award for Technology for FI

     Received special Award for Managing IT Risk

     Received the Best Payment Initiatives

     Received the Best Technology Bank of the year

     Received Best Risk Management & Security

     Received the Best use of Mobility Technology

     Received the Best Internet Bank

     Received the Best Use of Technology in Training & Learning Initiative

     Received the prestigious Asian Banker IT implementation award


     In 2000: It launched novel credit schemes for housing & consumer finance.


     In 2001, it introduced a unique Deposit Scheme for senior citizens, giving a high-interest rate on all domestic term deposits. It has identified KPMG as its strategic technology consultant for executing the core banking solution. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company has joined with Union Bank of India for marketing its insurance products.


     In 2002: It ties up with New India Insurance Company for market & distributes the products of New India Insurance Co on a commission basis. It has launched a new scheme called 'Union Express Remittance scheme' to offer NRI service in West Asia. The shares of Union Bank of India were listed on Sensex, Nifty.


     In 2003: It introduced two new schemes such as NRI Foreign Currency Loans & Domestic Resident Foreign currency accounts for the benefit of NRI customers.


     In 2004: It launched Union Suraksha - Easy Life Cover. It has launched into bancassurance & tie-up with the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Ltd for selling the latter's export credit insurance products.


     In 2006: Dena Bank & Union Bank of India tied up with the Small Farmers Agri-business Consortium to facilitate the expansion of the agriculture business.


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