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Set up in 1946 as an edible oil refinery PI Industries was founded by Mr P Singhal. The company later pivoted towards agrochemicals business. In the mid-1990s, PI diversified into CSM exports for global agrochemical innovator companies. The company derives 29% of revenue from formulations & 71% of revenue from Custom Synthesis business.The company has slowly increased its focus on custom synthesis business. The company has strong contacts with global innovators around the globe for its custom synthesis business which is a unique value proposition for the company in the agrochemicals industry.


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PI industries' share price over the years

Pi industries were incorporated in the year 1947 with its services extending towards providing complex chemistry solutions in the fields of agricultural and pharmaceutical sciences. They are the first-ever company to introduce granular formulations in India and are leading in this market. Apart from that, they boast to be the biggest producers of generic molecules like Ethion, Phorate and Profenofos. PI Industries products include manufacturing agrochemicals, and other chemicals such as BIO VITA, Ascophyllum nosdom, Super Spreader and more for national and international markets.

PI industries have diversified their markets by launching a variety of new products made from plant nutrients. The different divisions of the company include the fine chemicals, Agri input and polymer divisions. They are among the top five companies that are leading in the manufacturing and production of agrochemicals.


PI industries ltd share price today 

The market capital for pi industries is at Rs 43,462T Cr. The PI industries results show that their 52-weeks high falls to Rs 3,533 and the 52 week low falls at 2,334 with the pi industries share price falling at Rs 2864.7 for its last closing price. The stock price falls at a P/E ratio of 53.06 per cent. The book value of the industries' share price is Rs 394. You can expect a dividend yield of at least 0.17%. The face value for each stock falls at Re 1. Pi industries have an enterprise value of Rs 42,170 Crore. 

PI industries share price bse currently is at 2865 which is an increase from the previous close of 2853.10 INR at 0.42 per cent at +11.90. The PI industries share nse is at 2864 INR which is a rise from the previous close of 2847.95 INR at 0.56 per cent at +16.05. Both the share prices have shown a steady growth which suggests beneficial return rates from investments. So, investments at this time can prove to be good if you are looking for stocks that are a good long-term investment option. The PI industries share nse and the PI industries annual report suggest a rise in the stock prices and their returns in the next fives years. 

The current price target for PI industries is 2864.650 INR with the price target for the year 2023 at 3655.420 INR. The pi industries share price target 2025 is expected to fall at 5680.695 INR. If you are looking for investments with beneficial returns then PI industries are a good option for long-term investments. The forecasts also show steady growth in the stock prices. The expected profit for one year is at +27.60 per cent up to 3655.420 INR. 

According to PI industries news, the shares of the company were traded at 0.59 per cent because of the fall of Sensex which saw a drop at 264.91. The per cent rise was at Rs 2870.05. The turnover for the company's shares saw at Rs 0.88 Crore from the 3086 shares that were there in total. Because of the steady growth rate and a potential rise in the profits, there has been a rise in investors as well. If you are wishing to purchase PI industries stocks then it can be a good long-term investment. You can purchase the stocks at any registered brokerage firm or an online portal through market research for when the prices are at their peak for good returns. 


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Brands Of PI Industries

Brands Of PI Industries



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