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Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. is an Indian ceramics & tiles business that was established in 1988 by Ashok Kajaria and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Kajaria Ceramics has the highest manufacturing capacity in India with an installed capacity of 70.40 Mn sq. meter. The company has 7 manufacturing plants, out of which 3 are JV with other company and 4 are owned by the company itself. Revenue Breakup – Tiles business accounts for 93%, sanitaryware & faucets add 6% and plywood add 1%.


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Kajaria Ceramics Limited Brief Overview 

Kajaria ceramics is one of India's leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles and is the world's 9th largest in this industry. It has eight plants that are spread across the country in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. The company was incorporated in 1985 and has seen exponential growth ever since. The company's wide range of products includes bathroom and kitchen tiles that have a lavish design made with its cutting edge technology to cater to every appeal. They are leading in the tile industry in India and have ceramic and vitrified tile ranges with a range of price points to suit every customer. The wall and floor tiles have around 1000+ options in different colours and textures to suit almost any room from bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and more. They also have a research facility that is used to curate and develop their designer tiles and other products using advanced technology. They have earned various certifications with their presence in the global market in around 20 different countries across the world. 

Kajaria Share Price Analysis

The market capital of kajaria share price is currently at Rs 16,310T Cr with its book value falling at Rs 135 and its face value being at Re 1. The 52-week high value for kajaria ceramics share price is Rs 1379 while its 52-week low is at a value of Rs 860 accordingly. The dividend yield at this value is 0.98 per cent. Its enterprise value is at a rate of Rs 15,967 Cr. The last closing price of the share was Rs 1,026.2 and the stock P/E ratio was found at 39.95. 

Kajaria ceramics' share price today as of 5 May 2022 is at Rs 1030 which is an increase of 1.21 per cent at +12.30 from its previous close of 1017.70. The dividend yield for this value is at 1.26 per cent with the share price of kajaria ceramics ltd having an opening price of Rs 1020. According to the kajaria ceramics share price forecast, if you are considering investing in the stocks of this company then it is a good time. The forecast reports suggest that it is a good time to invest in these stocks for a long-term investment. The returns can be profitable at the moment and if you invest in the stocks at the current kajaria ceramics ltd share price for at least 5 years then you can expect a return at an increase of +133.37 per cent. 

Kajaria ceramics' share price target for the year 2022 is expected to reach an opening price of Rs 1202.345 and a closing price of 1230.039. The maximum price expected to reach is 1231.412 and the minimum price expected to be reached is 1200.128 in December. The data suggests that the kajaria share price target and their stocks are currently in a bullish cycle. It is expected to see good results with the investments in the current trading market. Thus, you can consider investing with the current target price of the company. The kajaria share price today is also expected to witness an increase in the near future. 

The current kajaria share price nse is at Rs 1030 and the kajaria tiles share price which is a subsidiary of the ceramics company also shares the same share prices. The kajaria ceramics share price bse rate is at Rs 1026.15 which is an increase of 0.81 per cent at +8.25 from its previous close of Rs 1017.90 as of 5 May 2022. This shows to be a good time to invest in these stocks. You can purchase the stocks at any registered brokerage firm or through Demat accounts. Find out more about kajaria cement share price and kajaria ceramics share news on our website. 

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Brands Of Kajaria Ceramics

Brands Of Kajaria Ceramics



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