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Elantas Beck India is in the business of the production of various chemical products. The company started their business in 1956 as Dr Beck & Company (India). It was promoted by Mahindra & Mahindra in collaboration with Dr Beck & Company Germany. The company went public in 1961. Elantas Beck started its first manufacturing facility in Pimpri, Pune in the year 1956. There they formulate and manufacture a wide range of speciality electrical insulating materials for various thermal class applications. The Pimpri site is further involved in producing a variety of construction chemicals and materials for engineering applications. In 1981, the second modern plant was set up at Ankleshwar in Gujarat to manufacture wire enamels and insulating varnishes. The company has its regional offices set up across metro cities of India in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. Elantas Beck provides one of the top-most collections of synthetic insulations and is a climate-conscious venture that believes in giving out to nature.


The company has collaborated with BASF Lacke and Farben Germany to manufacture paints at Satara.

BASF Germany, which had the controlling interest in the company with a stake of 51% sold its stake to Schenectady International Inc. USA, on 1st January 1998.

The company has permission from the Govt. of India & RBI for Schenectady (India) Holding Ltd (SIHL), a wholly own subsidiary of Schenectady International Inc USA, to acquire 51% of the Equity Capital of the Company from BASF Group. SIHL presented a proposal to take over a further 6.16% of the equity of Elantas Beck, the total holding of SIHL to 57.16%.


The company manufactures a wide range of speciality chemicals in the electrical insulation and construction industries. They produce products like-

  • Wire Enamels

  • Impregnating Materials

  • Casting and Potting Materials

  • Flexible Electrical Insulation Materials

  • Materials for Electronic protection

  • Materials for tooling and composites

  • Speciality and Industrial Coatings

  • Printed electronic products

Elantas Beck aims at providing market-specific solutions for the Transportation Industry and works as a major supplier to the power generating, distribution and management industry. They are a solution provider for an extensive and diverse array of industrial applications, for instance, but not confined to, Foundries; Mining; Construction; Telecommunication; Water Purification etc. ELANTAS offers a comprehensive variety of resins, varnishes and composites aiming to advance the performances of daily life devices in terms of endurance, safety and quality.


In 2018, ALTANA achieved sales of more than two billion Euros.

In 2016, ELANTAS Beck India completed 60 years of operations in India.

As the Schenectady Group has the majority shareholding of the company, they changed the name to Schenectady-Beck India Ltd, and then to Elantas Beck India Ltd in 2003.


ELANTAS, a division of the speciality chemicals group ALTANA, is acquiring the wire enamels activities of Hubergroup India and thus growing its business in India.

ELANTAS Beck India is the first Indian manufacturer of insulation and resin products to receive approval through product certifications from Underwriters Laboratories, based in the U.S.

The company has also been awarded EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification, EN ISO 14001: 2015 environment management system certification, and ISO 45001: 2015 OHSAS occupational health and safety management system certification by the globally respected agency that's TÜV NORD agency of Germany.


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