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Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited is an Indian state-owned oil & gas corporation started on 18th November 1965. It is headquartered in Chennai. It was formerly known as Madras Refineries It was established as a joint venture in 1965 between the AMOCO, Government of India, & National Iranian Oil Company. 

Chennai Petro is in the Refineries sector. It is refining crude oil to generate & supply several petroleum products manufacture & sale of lubricating oil additives. The holding company Indian Oil Corporation Limited markets most fuel products developed by Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited. 

It has 2 refineries with a combined refining capacity of 10.5 Million Tons annually. Its 1st refinery is Manali Refinery with Petrochemical feedstocks production facilities & Fuel Lube Wax. Its 2nd refinery is situated at Cauvery Basin. Its primary products are Superior Kerosene, LPG Motor Spirit, Aviation Turbine Fuel, High-Speed Diesel Naphtha Bitumen, Lube Base Stocks, Fuel Oil Hexane, Paraffin Wax, and Chennai Petroleum share price and stock analysis.


When there is a plan for the merger of oil companies from the Finance Minister, the oil major IOC has plans to consolidate its subsidiary Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

  • Business Refineries: Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited is the largest refinery in South India. The refinery was created to hold heavy crudes & to generate Lube oil-based stocks along with fuel products.

  • Business marketing: It generates several petro & speciality products which are utilised by various industries such as power, fertilisers, airways requirement of transportation fuel.

  • Business R & D: It has set up an in-house R & D centre that offers technological inputs to meet the corporate purpose of technical excellence in all aspects of refinery operations.

  • Won the highest taxpayer award

  • Won OGCF award for boiler/furnace efficiency by centre for high technology

  • Got export excellence award under the category of the top exporter in the southern region

  • Got Best enterprise award by WIPS

  • Got Safecon best safety practices award for CBR

  • Got silver rating for Green building standards

  • Won Golden peacock award under the silver category for petroleum division

  • In 2013-2014: CPCL's Manali Refinery has obtained the highest ever throughput of 10065 TMT. 

  • In 2005: CPCL & Indian Oil Corporation made a deal to give project consultancy on a crude pipeline.

  • In 2003: The Chennai Port Trust had signed an agreement with the company to launch a Tier I Oil Spill Response facility at the Chennai port. 

  • In 2000:  It had set up crumb rubber modified bitumen for allocating high-quality & cost-effective roads. 

  • In 1998: It has signed a memorandum of understanding with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd to work together on projects of mutual benefit and a refinery project in Southern India. 

  • In 1997: It received clearance from the Govt. to enlarge the capacity at Manali by another three million tonnes annually. 

  • In 1995: Its new boiler for co-generation of 130 T/HR volumes to meet the growing stream load was authorised. 

  • In 1992: It authorised its Hexane Plant with a production capacity of 25000 Metric mass annually & also approved a Sewage Water Treatment Plant with a total of 2.5 MGD. 


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