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One of the flagship companies of Alembic Group, Alembic Pharma is a vertically integrated pharma company providing high quality health care to patients around the globe. It is one of the oldest and leading pharmaceutical companies to manufacture formulations and APIs for India and the global market. Company has 3 API & 6 Formulation Facilities in India. Company derives 54% of revenue from International Generics, 28% of revenue from Domestic Branded Business  & 18% of revenue from API Business


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Alembic Pharmaceuticals' share prices over the years

Alembic Pharmaceuticals is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in the Indian market for macrolides. Along with that, they also manufacture a range of pharmaceutical products and substances. They have the most advanced state-of-the-art technology to create their products with the highest quality. They have its headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat. This company even has its presence in the global market with business across the USA, Europe, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and brazil. The company focuses on branding and marketing antibiotic products that help in their market growth. 

Over the year, the growth rate of Alembic pharmaceuticals has been recorded at 37% and the return rate for stocks has been at 13.33%. According to reports, alembic pharma share price is at 781.15 INR and it was down by around 0.50% compared to its previous share price value of 784.35 INR. However, according to monthly comparisons, their share price value has increased by 2.75%. The closing alembic limited share price as of April 29 2022 was at Rs 780.45. 

If you are interested in buying alembic pharma share price then you can purchase them at any registered brokerage firm or any authentic online portal. Ensure you do enough market research beforehand when buying stocks so you can buy them at a time which will return beneficial rates. 

The upper rate limit for the alembic ltd share price was Rs 859.65 and the lower rate limit for the stocks was Rs 703.35. The reports show that the 52-week high was at 1034 and the 52-week low was at 672.  The face value of the stock prices was Rs 2. Alembic Ltd share price target as of now is at an expected price of 106.85.

The year on year growth for the company has been at a rate of 57% and that is the result of contributions from the domestic markets. The domestic market has seen growth and marks to be the support for sales of this particular company. 

Alembic limited share price 2022

Alembic pharma share price forecast suggests that one can expect a long-term increase in the alembic pharmaceuticals ltd share price at a rate of Rs 199.972. If a 5-year investment is to be considered, then one can expect the revenue to increase by around 148.41%. Thus if you are considering in investing alembic pharma share price nse then it can prove to be a beneficial long-term investment with good returns. Thus, for stocks with investments that return out to be profitable, this company's stocks are a good option to invest in. Alembic pharma share price today as of today is at INR 781.20 which has dropped by 0.49% from the previous close at 785.05. 

Alembic pharma share price history has shown a few fluctuations with the Mkt Cap at 15.35T Cr and their PE ratio being at 20.18. Alembic pharma share dividend yield is at 1.79% for the annual rate at Rs 3.50 as the quarterly dividend amount. Alembic Ltd share price forecast the stock rate is expected to grow at least 35.32 in a year which proves to be a good buy at the moment. As of today, the price is at 77.400 from the expected alembic pharma share price target rate mentioned above. Alembic pharma news stated that stocks have witnessed an upside of up to 30% because of the new launches in the markets and have the potential to maintain steady growth over the next few coming months. 


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Brands Of Alembic Pharmaceuticals

Brands Of Alembic Pharmaceuticals



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