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UTI AMC Q1FY22 Earning Call Highlights

UTI AMC Q1FY22 Earning Call Highlights

Published on 03 August 2021 .Views 33 .Comments 0
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Q1 FY22 Financial Highlights

  • Profit After Tax increased by 53% from Rs.101 Cr in Q1 FY21 to Rs.155 Cr in Q1 FY22, up 16% QoQ
  • Profit Before Tax increased by 52% from Rs.125 Cr in Q1 FY21 to Rs.190 Cr in Q1FY22, up 25% QoQ
  • Total income grew by 30% to Rs. 350 Cr in this quarter from Rs.270 Cr in Q1 FY21
  • Operating Profit margin stands at 58% compared to 56% in last quarter

Business Highlights

  • Total AUM of UTI has increased by 22% from Rs.9,83,203 Cr in Jun-20 to Rs.12,00,882
  • Out of the total AUM, PMS constitute 67% of total AUM, MF – 16%, retirement services – 15% and alternate investment funds – 2%
  • Mutual Fund QAAUM (Quarterly Average Assets Under Management) has shown a YOY growth of 40% from Rs.1,33,631 Cr in Jun-20 to Rs.1,87,210 Cr  in Jun-21
  • Total Equity and hybrid QAAUM has reported a growth of 48.8%. Equity QAAUM has grown by 62.3% and hybrid QAAUM has grown by 24.9%.
  • Passive funds are gaining traction while QAAUM of income and liquid funds is growing steadily. All categories saw inflow except income fund.
  • Gross SIP inflows stood at Rs.1,009 Cr and SIP AUM increased by 55.5% from Rs.9,985 Cr in Jun-20 to Rs.15,523 Cr in Jun-21
  • YOY reduction in employee cost due to reduced ESOP cost. Employee cost has increased sequentially because of increased annual incremental cost of salary and variable cost
  • Number of digital purchase transactions grew by 106.5% and number of digital SIP transactions grew by 203.1% in Q1 FY22 compared to Q1 FY21
  • Total number of employees have increased from 1441 in Q4 FY21 to 1457 in Q1 FY22

Other Key Highlights

  • UTI AMC has appointed Mr Vetri Subramanian as the Chief Investment Officer and Mr Ajay Tyagi as the Head of Equities
  • There are two NFOs in pipeline which have received SEBI’s approval- UTI Focused Equity Fund & UTI Multicap Fund
  • Company is looking forward to expand its retirement solution business and getting more clients especially institutions
  • It plans to launch three more funds
  • It is focusing on the digital side and refreshing its mobile app as well as website to make it more investor friendly. It has launched UTI Buddy mobile app for distributors.
  • They are partnering with registered investment advisors and fintechs to acquire new customers with the most recent being Phone Pe. Some other fintechs are Grow, Paytm money, ET Money
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