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Tata Group’s Chairman lists Four Themes for Next Decade

Tata Group’s Chairman lists Four Themes for Next Decade

Published on 04 January 2022 .Views 76 .Comments 0
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Recently, Tata’s Group Chairman Mr. N. Chandrasekaran has written a letter for its employee across the Group’s companies. In the letter, he has described the Four Themes, on which the Group and the Companies will be acting upon in the coming years. So, Let’s discuss what are those Four Themes announced by Mr. N Chandrasekaran, and how the Tata Group and the company looks well-placed on those themes currently in this article.

Tata Group Chairman lists 4 Themes for its 7.5 Lakh employees:

Mr. N. Chandrasekaran started his Chairmanship of the Tata Group in 2017 with the motive of Simplification, setting up synergies, and scaling up of businesses of the Tata Group. He has successfully been able to work upon these ideas which could not only be witnessed in Stock Performance but on the Profitability front as well. Recently, on 27th December 2021, Tata Group Chairman wrote a letter for the 7.5 Lakh employees across the Group companies.

4 Themes for Next Decade:

i) Digital:

  • The digital economy of FY2021 is around $100 Billion, which is expected to grow by 8 times to $800 billion in this decade.
  • Hence, this space holds an exceptional potential to grow in the future, and therefore the Tata Group has worked and is working in line with its companies.

ii) New Energy:

  • In the letter, Mr. N. Chandrasekaran also mentioned that in this decade and the coming period, the Tata Group companies will be focused on Clean and Green Energy.
  • Specifically, Tata Power looks to be more associated with this concept of Clean and Green Energy.

iii) Supply Chain Resilience:

  • Further, Mr. N. Chandrasekaran has also discussed the objective of setting up synergies among businesses which will also be helpful in Supply Chain Resilience.
  • Its result could be also seen with the developing synergies among Tata Motors, Tata Power, Tata Elxsi, and Tata Chemicals for Electric Vehicles segment.

iv) Health:

  • Mr. N. Chandrasekaran also cautioned that all the conglomerate’s ambitions are contingent on a more immediate concern: learning to live with the coronavirus. “Businesses and society must adapt to it by preparing as best we can for new outbreaks and variants.”
  • The Tata Group Companies are also investing in health-related start-ups, and the Group is trying to take positive advantage of the opportunities in the health space.

What Shareholder Should Expect?

Tata Group and its companies have evolved significantly since Mr. N. Chandrasekaran has taken the Chairmanship from Mr. Ratan Tata. He has committed towards his objective of bringing simplicity, setting-up synergies, and scaling up the Group’s businesses. Hence, with the continuity of these objectives and commitment of strong themes for coming years, an investor should keep Tata Group Companies on their radar.

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