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SBI Q4 FY21 Earnings Call Highlights | Yadnya Investment Academy

SBI Q4 FY21 Earnings Call Highlights | Yadnya Investment Academy

Published on 11 June 2021 .Views 44 .Comments 0
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Mr. Dinesh Kumar Khara - chairman, state bank of India

Mr. C.S. Setty - managing director (retail & digital banking)

Mr. Ashwani Bhatia - managing director (corporate banking and global markets)

Mr. Swaminathan J - managing director (risk, compliance, and stressed asset resolution group)

Mr. Ashwini Tewari - managing director (international banking, technology, and subsidiaries)

Mr. Alok Kumar Choudhary - deputy managing director (finance)

Mrs. S. Uma Shanmukhi - chief general manager (financial control)

Mr. Charanjit Attra - chief financial officer

Mr. Pawan Kumar Kedia – general manager (performance, planning & review)


FY21 performance:

  • Personal Retail credit growth at 16% YoY 8.7 lakh cr; it is 40% of domestic advances
  • CASA growth at 16.73% YoY.
  • The net NPA is at 36,810 crores which is 0.5 times of operating profit of FY21.
  • In addition to a PCR of 70.88%, the bank has the additional provision of 25,376 crores at the end of FY21.
  • CET ratio in FY21 was 10.02%.
  • For FY21- Slippages at Rs 28,564 cr, Restructuring applications at Rs 17,852 cr.
  • Net NPA at Rs 36,810 cr
  • NII increased from Rs 98,085 cr to Rs 1,10,710 cr; YoY growth was 13%.
  • NII increased with a CAGR of 12% over the past 2 years.
  • Net Interest Margin Domestic (%) increased from Rs 3.19 to Rs 3.26; YoY growth was 7 bps.
  • Operating profit grew from Rs 68,133 cr to Rs 71,554 cr; YoY growth was 5%.
  • Operating profit increased with a CAGR of 13.6% over the past 2 years.
  • Net profit grew from Rs 14,488 cr to Rs 20,410 cr; YoY growth was 41%.
  • PBT grew from Rs 25,063 cr to Rs 27,541 cr; YoY growth was 10%.
  • ROA in FY21 was 0.48% which grew from 0.38% in FY20; YoY growth was 10 bps.
  • ROE in FY21 was 9.94% which grew from 7.74% in FY20; YoY growth was 220 bps.
  • The net interest margin for domestic operations was 3.26% in FY21.
  • Earnings per share in FY21 was around Rs 25 which grew by Rs 3 over last year.
  • The expense ratio in FY21 was around 54%.




  • Total deposits grew from Rs 32,41,621 cr in FY20 to Rs 36,81,277 cr in FY21; YoY growth was 13.56%.
  • Term deposits grew from Rs 17,13,635 cr in FY20 to Rs 19,23,191 cr in FY21; YoY growth was 12.23%.
  • CASA growth at 16.73% YoY; It grew from Rs 14,10,981 cr in FY20 to Rs 16,46,974 cr in FY21.
  • Current account grew from Rs 2,17,415 cr in FY20 to Rs 1,76,892 cr in FY21; YoY growth was 27.36%.
  • Savings account grew from Rs 11,93,566 cr in FY20 to Rs 13,70,082 cr in FY21; YoY growth was 14.79%.
  • 68% of new savings accounts opened through YONO in Q4FY21



  • Credit mix for FY21 was as follows: Personal -39.89%, Corporate - 37.52%, SME - 12.78%, Agri - 9.81%.
  • Retail Personal advances grew from Rs 7,47,589 cr in FY20 to Rs 8,70,711 cr in FY21; YoY growth was 16.5%.
  • Agri loans grew from Rs 2,06,067 cr in FY20 to Rs 2,14,151 cr in FY21; YoY growth was 4%.
  • SME loans grew from Rs 2,67,614 cr in FY20 to Rs 2,78,949 cr in FY21; YoY growth was 4.24%.
  • Corporate loans declined from Rs 8,44,215 cr in FY20 to Rs 8,18,705 cr in FY21; YoY decline was 3%.



Asset Quality: 


  • Total slippages in FY21 at Rs 28,564 cr. The slippage ratio was 1.18%.
  • Personal retail slippage ratio of 0.44%.
  • Gross NPA in FY21 was Rs 1,26,389 cr; Gross NPA Ratio as of march’21 is 5%.
  • Net NPA in FY21 was Rs 36,810 cr; Gross NPA Ratio as of march’21 is 1.5%.
  • PCR ratio as of March’21 was around 88%.



Digital Banking: 


  • 1.89 Mn+ SB accounts opened through YONO.
  • 28,288 avg. daily accounts opened.
  • 8.5 Mn YONO Cash transactions in Q4FY21.
  • 94,855 avg. daily YONO Cash transactions.
  • 37.09 Mn cumulative registrations (~4.1 Mn during Q4FY21)
  • 45,746 avg. daily registrations
  • Digital Lending (PAPL):  ~2.84 lac new PAPL A/c opened; INR 5,271.57 Cr PAPL disbursement.
  • YONO Krishi: ~46.7 K KCC Reviewed through YONO; INR 743 Cr Amount of KCC Reviewed; 2.89 lac+ KCC Reviewed on YONO since launch (Aug’20).
  • UPI: Number of UPI users: 148 Mn; Remit transactions handled (in FY21); 6149Mn Market share in remittances: 26.20% (Mar 2021).
  • Debit cards: No. of cards: Rs 293.30 Mn; Debit Card spends: around Rs 1188.50 Mn transactions and Rs 1895.03 bn spend during FY21.





  • Engaging with external stakeholders: signed an MoU with Luxembourg Stock Exchange, to add impetus to ESG focused funds and bonds market.
  • Climate risk included as a risk factor in key risk assessments within the Bank.
  • Renewable energy portfolio: (as of March 2021)

No. of RE Projects financed: 752.

Capacity installed: 13,802 MW.

Deployed Amount: Rs 31,918 cr.

  • MSCI has given SBI’s ESG portfolio A rating as of Q3 FY21.
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