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RBL Bank Preferential Issue: Detailed Analysis | Investyadnya Stock Article

RBL Bank Plans to Raise 1000 Cr through Preference issue

Published on 24 July 2020 .Views 17 .Comments 0
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RBL Bank Plans to Raise 1000 Cr Through Preference Issue

About RBL Bank & RBL Preference Share Issue

RBL Bank, formerly known as Ratnakar Bank Ltd, is an Indian private sector bank offering a wide range of online & personal banking services. The video offers a detailed description as to why RBL stock is increasing & provides information about preferential share issue.

Why is RBL stock up? What is Preferential share issue? This video answers all these questions. Moreover, it offers information about RBL bank fundraising through a preferential share issue. As the video describes, the preferential share issue is an issue of shares or convertible securities by listed/unlisted companies to a selected group of investors.

RBL Bank Preferential Issue: Reasons & Effects

The video offers the reasons as to why RBL bank Ltd chose a preference share issue for raising capital. It can be incurred that this form of raising capital is the fastest way when compared to a rights issue or a public issue. Moreover, the RBL bank preferential issue is a safer way to raise funds, especially during these unprecedented times.

Further, the video offers the figures of Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of the company & also mentions that specified by the RBI. Additionally, the video provides a detailed performance of RBL Bank by determining the allocation of Institutional Investor Holdings. You can check out the financial statements & quarterly results of the company, along with RBL Bank share price, on the stock-o-meter feature of our website.

Make A Viable Investment Decision with RBL Bank Stock Analysis

The users will get a deeper understanding of the RBL Bank fundraising through this video. The investors will get to know about the preferential issue & why is it better. From the video, the investors will understand that if the situation gets worse, the NPA pressure can start building. Thus, if sufficient capital is not available, then it would be difficult for a company to survive. Further, the investors will learn about the holdings of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) & the General Public. The users can interpret that holdings of DIIs & the general public are declining continuously, which is not a good sign. Thus, if you as an investor have the question, “Should I buy RBL bank share?”. Go through the video & make your investment decision.

All in all, through this video of RBL Bank Investment & RBL Bank Stock Analysis, the investors will be able to make a viable investment decision.

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