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Muthoot Finance Stock Analysis: Stock Valuation | Investyadnya Stock Article

Muthoot Finance Ltd - Stock Analysis | Valuation Perspective

Published on 20 June 2020 .Views 11 .Comments 0
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Muthoot Finance Ltd - Stock Analysis | Valuation Perspective


Muthoot Finance Limited is the largest gold loan NBFC in India. This Indian financial company offers many other services besides financing gold transactions, like foreign exchange services, money transfers, wealth management services, travel and tourism services, and sells gold coins. However, the majority of the company’s operations is involved in gold financing.

This video offers a detailed Stock Analysis of Muthoot Finance. It provides an in-depth understanding of the gold financing industry as a whole. The video explains the cause of the rise in Muthoot finance share price, with over a rise of more than a hundred per cent. Moreover, the video offers an analysis of Muthoot Finance ratios, like Price to Earnings Ratio, which has risen effectively. You can check ratios, financial statements of many other companies including Muthoot Finance, on our stock-o-meter feature.

Furthermore, a parallel comparison has been drawn with Manappuram Finance Ltd. The video also provides a light on the increasing demand for gold financing in India, as it is characterised as a securitised debt. Then, the video provides certain points as to why banks are focusing more on gold loans rather than traditional loans. Further, the video highlights an expected improvement in gold prices. This can be expected because of the rise in gold prices across the world, in terms of dollars. Moreover, the depreciation in rupee due to the interest rate differences or inflation differences with the developed economies can lead to an increase in gold prices in the country.

The investors will get a thorough analysis of Muthoot Finance Valuation. The users will understand how the current scenario is benefitting pure gold financing companies more when compared to diversified financing companies. In addition, the Muthoot Finance Stock Analysis will enable a better understanding of the rising share price of the company. The investors will understand the expected improvement in gold prices in the country. Thus, the investors will get an overview of Muthoot Finance Stock review, along with an overall analysis of the gold financing sector.

All in all, through this video, the investors will be able to make a viable investment decision based on Muthoot Finance Share Analysis.

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