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KPIT Tech- Big Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech

KPIT Tech- Big Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech

Published on 27 August 2021 .Views 609 .Comments 3
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Recently, KPIT Technologies incubated have developed the World’s first technology related to Hydrogen which may prove to be a big breakthrough for the company. So, Let’s discuss which company was that and how it can be beneficial for the company as we move ahead in this article.


Sentient Labs, an Research & Development Innovation Lab which was incubated by KPIT Technologies Limited with Initial Technical Inputs and MACS- Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), have developed the world’s first technology that generates hydrogen directly from agricultural residue for use in fuel cell-powered vehicles.

Good for KPIT Technologies:

  • As per the official statement issued by the company, “Sentient Labs’ vision is to build technology solutions for the electrification of mobility. It has identified bottlenecks in battery technology, fuel cell technologies, and technologies for hydrogen generation. Multiple efforts are underway to create the building blocks necessary for sustainable mobility.”
  • The Chairman of Sentient Labs, Mr. Ravi Pandit said in the statement “Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology is estimated to be the next big step in the direction of sustainable mobility as it provides a large operating range, is suitable for commercial vehicles, and leaves a minimal environmental footprint. The need of the hour in crude oil-importing nations is to rapidly move towards self-reliant energy sources and sustainable mobility. The hydrogen generated from this technology will be utilized to power fuel cell vehicles that emit only water, thus making the entire cycle pollution-free,” 
  • Currently, there is a great focus on Hydrogen Fuel Cells powered vehicles which are aggressively devoted towards Clean Energy and Green Energy. Hence, this pathway of success towards the generation of Hydrogen via the concerned methods is quite positive.
  • In India, approximately 200 million tons of unutilized agricultural residue are generated. This agricultural residue especially on the north side like Paddy, Maize, etc, which is burnt in most cases, can be fed into this process to generate hydrogen.


This step and the efforts by the company are heartily welcome and are admirable for the sake of environmental sustainability. Looking at the current scenario where Electric Vehicles seem to future, Hydrogen Fuel Cells Tech will play a crucial role. Besides this, these initiatives will be supported by the Make in India Program, and other connected problems related to the environment and climate.

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